It's a geek's life - episode n+1

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added on the 2003-10-10 18:01:02 by Optimus Optimus
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I am willing to wager that this finnish youth has grown up to be a member of some well known group ...
i'm bored so i'll translate the "POMO" picture...

when i joined the computer gang naturally i wanted a GOOD personal computer. one that you can do more than just play with and that doesn't get too small right away.
those who were already in the gang told me to get A SUITABLY SIZED AND RELIABLE. one that is known to have lots of programs, a proper selection of accessories, latest technology, finnish manual, trustworthy importer... everything for a reasonable price.
started looking - and the choice was this sinclair's latest, ZX Spectrum+. it's a tireless playmate, of course. but also my closest assistant. good-looking. style, i'd say. it's easy. great graphics. doesn't forget anything (except my mistakes - it forgives them immediately) 48 kilos of memory. modern keyboard.

now i'm kinda like the boss.

with "speccy" i take control of the computers just like that. you never know what kind of a boss i'll become. at least i don't have to be in the amateur league, no matter where i go to work. they'll have computers anyway.

did ya know that sinclairs are the best-selling computers in europe?"
added on the 2003-10-10 20:42:52 by raymon raymon
thx Raimo ... my suomi consists of "Karhu" and "Salmiakki" only ... lol