GC 2003 Opening Concert - Where've You Been?

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Hei sceners.

First off, the new Mantraz logo for pouët is rockin' my house.

I've been to Leipzig/Germany on Wednesday evening to listen to the orchestral versions
of Chris Hülsbeck's "Apidya" and of course the Merregnon II Soundtrack (World Premiere)
as composed by Fabian Del Priore, Andy Brick etc. You know even Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion/FC)
is working for the wellknown Merregnon Studios. Too bad none of his songs has been used for
this wonderful symphony.

The following tracks have been played:

01 Opening fanfare - Andy Brick
02 Headhunter - Suite (Richard Jacques)
03 Final Fantasy VII - Aeris's Theme (Nobuo Uematsu)
04 Outcast - Suite (Lennie Moore)
05 Merregnon Soundtrack - Volume 2 - Suite (Fabian Del Priore, Markus Holler, Andy Brick, Olof Gustafsson)
06 Shenmue - Main Theme (Ryuji Iuchi, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi)
07 Tom Clancy´s Splinter Cell - Main Theme (Alexandre Desplat)
08 Quest for Glory V - Overture (Chance Thomas)
09 Mafia - The City Of Lost Heaven - Main Theme (Vladimir Simunek)
10 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Suite (Jeremy Soule)
11 Spellforce - The Order of Dawn - Introduction (Pierre Langer, Tilman Sillescu)
12 Primal - Suite (Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold)
13 The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker - The Great Sea (Kenta Nagata)
14 Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six 3:Raven Shield - Main Theme (Bill Brown)
15 Apidya - Suite (Chris Hülsbeck)
16 Medal of Honor - Rising Sun - Suite (Christopher Lennertz)
17 Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy (Nobuo Uematsu)

I met people from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Japan.
It was a really nice evening. Buena Vista International was recording the whole
show so I hope there will be a CD with the concert out soon. I heard they
recorded it for internal use only, who knows.

Who has also visited the Symphonic Concert in Leipzig? Got some good photos
or recordings of it?

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