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I have had this idea in my head for like forever, it's the title of a book BTW
The Ballad Of Beautiful Herman. Son Of Sam from Green Eggs and Ham

Kinda like an adult (graphic) novel based loosely on the concept of "Green eggs and Ham" using the demoscene as the mataphor instead. And spanning several different languages, all passages both equally nonsensical AND informative. Oh, there is to be an attatched DVD or whatever the current standard is.

It follows a total luser (He's nuts for both Commodore AND Atari), who lives in the basque region of spain.... He's a bit of an anarchist, likes heavy chaotic music and hates everyone as much as he loves the demoscene.

I had written much plot and dialogue, and had been keeping notes. But when I turned his fictional persona loose on the scene all those years ago, you took him and made him something more, you made him real. I had been trying to keep a narrative, but it got away from me when I handed the identy over to some bonafide crackers a LOOOONG time ago.

Think Kathy Acker on Translation Party for an idea of what the notes I recently destroyed might have appeard to be. I think Pouet has written far better dialogue than I could ever dream. Now it seems like I face the mammoth task of compiling and censoring and translating all this shit. With shit being the operative word. It seems "Sturgeon's Law's and revelations" are especially true in the context of the demoscene. And that is one of the major philosophical points I always wanted to expose.

Although I am a fan of surrealism, I want my book to be entartaining without translation into pretty much all the most popular languages. so there's going to be a bit of referencing of wiki's I guess. Also the book should explain how to be a demo coding god. Although it seems the current controller of SoLo2 cannot even grasp the basic concept of DESIGN! *sigh*

Also, once the book is done I think he needs a movie...
.. I nominate Brad-Pitt to play me (that is "bob the shrub" not Herman Samso), lol.
also.... to explain the character of BOB THE SHRUB

He is a pantomine tree who never speaks, and he is holding a hacked "stereobox"* which he loves to tweak.

So now imagine a soundtrack written by the late(R.I.P) John Cage using radios playing YMSynth or SID songs.

Respects go to "ze russians"**, more to the "feminists"***. And the church of sub-genius****. I'm sorry I played you off against each other. You all got your revenge on me in the end anyway.

cheers guys, and thanks for all the phish. - Bob The Shrub

*JamBox, BoomBox, Portable Stereo which runs on 12 D sized batteries
**bonafide unscrupulous criminal hackers
*** or feminist sympathisers. I fought with you for a while.
**** I think you suck, but you did give me the base mythology. So maybe one day you can become a real religion now that I have acknowledged you. All you need to do is stop keeping secrets. [ IMHO - the former is generally pretty cool if you're into that kind of thing, but the latter almost always sucks balls, not to mention funds.] That is the difference between a "Bonafide Religion" and a "Cult". And that is one of the other philosophical points I seek to explore. But I do not want to give away any more than I absolutely have to, which is why I have stayed silent (like a shrub) for so long.
and again in "pidgin espanya'll"

Se trata de la muerte física de la generación original 'x (variable)', y es la migración a la demoscene (a través de Foo's colon). Foo es Hermans Imaginary Friend troll psycopathic.