A decade of demos: 2000 - 2009

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Well, the end of 2009 is near and with it the end of this decade. Ten years have passed and so ten years full of demoscene productions.

So, I'm just curious: What were the greatest (and maybe surprising) changes in the demoscene compared to 1990-99? What were the best demoscene productions, parties or groups? What were the groundbreaking demos of this decade, the most memorable moments (good and bad)? Which groups or sceners had the greatest impact?

And what do you expect to come in the next ten years of demoscene? Will demoscene be dead? :)
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BB Image :)
added on the 2009-11-21 19:09:30 by Salinga Salinga
im curious too, wanna meet up;)
srsly, would be great to make a prod about it.
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^mind the gap....BB Image
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Derbias.. something like this here ?
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nah, more like this
added on the 2009-11-21 21:06:11 by blala blala
rush hour 2.. best demo ever. period.
added on the 2009-11-21 21:16:54 by Maali Maali
I think 1990-99 was a much more revolutionary period for the scene than 2000-09.

I mean in in 1990 the "high-end" platform of choice was a C64/Amiga/Atari and the style was still what we now would be called "oldschool".
You had your scrollers, dots, bobs etc.
Then followed a decade with a lot of evolvement in effects and hardware (AGA Amigas, DOS PCs etc.)
When that decade came to a close In 1999 we had 3D-accelerated PCs and running under Windows.
In 2009 we still have 3D-accelerated PCs (sure, way faster than in 2000 but still...) running Windows.

For example fhe leap between TRSI Megademo in 1989 and Kasparov in 1999 (both considered top demos at the time) sure feels a whole lot bigger than the leap between Kasparov and for example Debris.
added on the 2009-11-22 01:51:28 by Sdw Sdw
Strange, sometimes I feel like 2000 was yesterday.
added on the 2009-11-22 02:07:16 by Optimus Optimus
Strange.. sometimes i feel like 1995 is the only future.

/me requests 1995 again..

demo or die ;)
added on the 2009-11-22 02:17:07 by gman gman
wtf what i just posted was pure bs :D

optimus go home. ask the oracle! xD
added on the 2009-11-22 02:20:44 by gman gman
Sdw: The way I see it (and I have also grown up in the 1987-1996 area), demos today are so much more advanced than 199ies releases. Surely groups like Melon Dezign were much ahead of their time back then (especially design-wise), but the average quality back then was, as you said, "scrollers, dots, bos, etc.".

I really hope that todays youth will pick up the ball and appreciate and support this very special medium. The enormous expectations today probably have scared away more than one "potential" scener or at least have driven him or her to one of the many "alternative"/non-realtime scenes.

However, I do believe that the "synergetic" factor of the "demoscene", i.e. people from all these "alternative" scenes working together is what makes this movement so very much unique.

Anyways, I'm quite wasted already and probably should not post here ;) cheers !
added on the 2009-11-22 02:26:16 by xyz xyz
well.. what hermie did not mention is. special stuff about D.E.M.O. was the FUN factor.
producing demos with skill but not letting the humor die in the same breath.

added on the 2009-11-22 02:33:46 by gman gman
humour is what saves me from insanity, I guess.

(much more I could tell you but not now and not here)
added on the 2009-11-22 02:50:44 by xyz xyz
so.. this next gen thread is working quite well punk!
insert random image here
added on the 2009-11-22 02:57:04 by gman gman
hermes: expectations are not relevant if you're having fun at the thing :) at least that's how it worked out for me so far :P
added on the 2009-11-22 03:15:25 by Alpha C Alpha C
Alpha C: lucky you :) GOod news is that I am currently working on improving my life situation (which forces me to be someone I do not wanna be). ah, you do not know me and this probably sounds like gibberish to you ;)

My good advise to y'all: Preserve your personal freedom, that's basically what we have been fighting for, for centuries!
added on the 2009-11-22 04:19:26 by xyz xyz
Sounds like gibberish to me.
added on the 2009-11-22 04:46:29 by Deltafire Deltafire
I think clearly the most revolutionary was the evolution of GPUs that are so powerful they actually power the demo. Elevated is 95% there -- now the GPU needs to have shaders that generate music and we'll have 4ks that run 100% on the GPU.

Unlike using VGA RAM for samples and GUS RAM for graphics, I'm actually being serious this time. This decade has shown amazing compression advances (krinkler) but also crazy-powerful GPUs.
added on the 2009-11-22 07:41:57 by trixter trixter
I remember at the beginning of this period, when Heaven7 and Nature Suxx were released and started a new era of raytracing demos yet the trend didn't continue (ok we have nature still suxx and still sucking nature and maybe few more stuff). Those two demos still gives me the kicks. Raytracing came back with the new trend of 4ks on GPU raymarching. I think this demo period is the time of the fast GPUs. But I don't know what comes next.
added on the 2009-11-22 15:13:44 by Optimus Optimus
Hermes: Improving your life situation by not being yourself? Just be your best self.
Hermes: Just guessing. You have a new girlfriend that doesn't let you to code demos? :)
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