Global Warming is a SCAM

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half of asia is covered in smog, is that part of the scam too?

And exactly in this issue the scam is situated in.
This so called "climate summit" in Køpenhavn does NOT deal with the actual and quite desastrous polution of the environment and the oceans by the big industrial, petro-chemical-, mining and pharmaceutical cartels.

Instead it deals with "reducing the CO2 emmissions" of countries and creating an all new world wide CO2-tax that is messured on the BIP of the country ( 2% were in discussion ... do the math for yourself).

NOBODY on this "summit" takes into account, that CO2 is a NATURAL GAS and it is VITAL for the life circle.
Its percentage in the entire atmosphere is about 0.038-0.04 per cent.
And in this 0.04 % the "man made" part ranks at about 4%.
So, the Climate-Change-Thesis based on "man made" CO2 emmissions is obnoxious!

Recently enlight of this "black tie event" in Denmark the US Environmental Protection Agency declared the natural gas CO2 a toxic and dangerous pollutand.
How on earth can a gas that mamals exhale and plants with photosynthesis thrive on be a godamn toxic pollutand???
Unless it's been chosen to be the ultimate "tax collector".
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Most people are too lazy to read such long post, so:

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Contrary to the bullshit "scientists" and politicians are feeding us, global temperature is not a fact but a statistical figure and you can use it any way you like it.
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its a giant ruse by toyota to sell more priuses
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Or it's a scam to hide the fact that the world, and especially US, need to move away from oil economy.
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It appears that Evolution is also a scam. Every clever mind know that world has been created 6000 years ago ! There is no such "Prehistory" bullshit. They Intelligent design fact will empower and soon, the light of real truth will shine again...
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How on earth can a gas that mamals exhale and plants with photosynthesis thrive on be a godamn toxic pollutand???

Good one. And while we're on the subject, those flood victims in Asia should stop bitching about it, because having water is good.
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"Contrary to the bullshit "scientists" and politicians are feeding us, global temperature is not a fact but a statistical figure and you can use it any way you like it."

tell the eskimos (inuits) who have to use refrigerators by now.
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doh, i just typed in a huge rant, and now pouet ate it (need to be logged in). the gist of it: look at the meta level of the discussion and what that means. personally i believe any conservative effort is a good thing to support as it means hedging our bets better.
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Hide the Decline

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This is the context the 'e-mails was taken out of'. this is the decline they wanted to hide. And if you look at our OH NOES"!oneone GLOBAL WARMENG IS KILLENG US!1oneone graph made from ice core samples you will notice that:

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BB Image
BB Image

About 10.000 years ago when mans production of SUV's grew and grew the wather got hotter. What we are really looking at is the weather getting colder (but that makes bad religion so lets hide it). I think I will go out and buy a nice warm hat.

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If they want to argue creationism with you, thou shalt hold up a fossil

If they want to debate Man (Mann) made global warming, thou shalt hold up an ice core sample.

And thus evil shalt have no reign over thee.

Incredible that people are so fucking stupid they think the weather is the environment. Climate, It is the weather, stupid!
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Those graphs would be a lot more useful if they actually said what they were measuring. Even so:

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...in other words, the IPCC were following the more moderate estimates (and not being particularly influenced by the Climategate papers) and *still* came to the conclusion that there was considerable evidence for man-made climate change.

Here's another example of the IPCC oh-so-scandalously overstating their case:
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we're fucked already so at least have the decency to stfu
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If we are very lucky, all this climate awareness will result in increased awareness of environmental issues as well (since most people seem to have difficulty distinguishing the two). But I fear that the opposite will happen. That this hysterical focus on CO2 emission will cause "being green" to become synonymous with reducing CO2 emissions, and pollution will become a second-rank issue.

Some example scenarios:

- A new coal power plant is being built in China. As with everything, the budget is limited. If they are forced to filter CO2 from their emissions, they will likely skimp on something else, for instance filtering of toxic emissions, like all the sulphur compounds you get when you burn coal. And since filtering out CO2 consumes (lots of) energy, the plant needs to produce more energy, resulting in even more toxic emissions than a plant which filters nothing.

- One of the hot technologies mentioned in the climate debate is bio fuel, since it is presumably CO2-neutral (consumes as much CO2 in the production as it emits when it is burned). With increased demand for bio fuel, farmers in poor countries can get more money for their crops if they grow bio fuel than if they grow food, so they do that, resulting in even more food shortage.
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Having a car is such erroneous it shouldn't simply be allowed. No one needs that to live. Only years of advertising can make people think so. It fucks the nature up, it kills ,it cost more than a damn quarter of your life to work to pay it, it makes the towns and landscape butugly, it makes the insurance agent lives. It fucking stinks. It makes the people dumb. It wastes your life. It waste ALL life. It's so noisy it makes life impossible...
And anyway in a very few year no one will have a car anymore. Nothing can replace cheap oil. The sooner, the better.
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but krabob, but but it's so beautiful!!!!1:
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... and here are other scams:

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Graph: The Energy Curve of History?

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BB Image
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Cars own!

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And Krabob is a moron for thinking the world can work without motorized vehicles.
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but krabob, but but it's so beautiful!!!!1:

Breathe a bit, oxygen your brain, and watch it again: it is not.
You are subjected to **hundreds** of ads per day which aim is to make you think so. Plus, I guess if you posted a pic of your own car, you wouldn't judge it beautiful.

choose !
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Krabob is a moron for thinking the world can work without motorized vehicles...

... For sure, it will not work the same stupid way as it works now.
For the rest, you don't have to believe me. You just have to sit back, watch, and enjoy what will happen next.
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