US sceners around detroit?

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i'll be in detroit (more precise auburn hills) from january 30th to february 12th.
so any US sceners living near detroit and are up for a pubmeet or something?

added on the 2010-01-28 11:12:31 by gopher gopher
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added on the 2010-01-28 11:50:11 by xernobyl xernobyl
be sure to get a working time-machine, go back some 2-3 decades and have some real kick-ass-moments in some clubs !
i mean: cars, motorcity! yeah ok, but...lemme put it like diz: Detroit Techno - The Creation of Techno Music
wenn´s dir zu lang is:
Thunderdome: Headbanger - was is'n Teschno?
hahaha :D
"us sceners" - isn't that an oxymoron? :p
added on the 2010-01-29 11:30:58 by hornet hornet
well ... at least i tried ;)
added on the 2010-01-29 13:10:43 by gopher gopher