New highend GPU wanted. Now. Any suggestions?

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RMA it..
added on the 2010-01-30 19:24:49 by Psycho Psycho
The 5670 should just run on the 75watts the PCI express port is required to be able to spew out. I'm not sure where the whole "needs 400 watts" comes from. It should run in a $350 desktop with a cheap OEM powersupply, like the 4650/4670.
added on the 2010-01-30 20:48:33 by QUINTIX QUINTIX
garbled screen is usually a problem with vram. but together with the DVI issue it sounds like the board is defective.
added on the 2010-01-30 22:58:48 by ryg ryg
QUINTIX: drivers have no influence at bios-setup time.
ryg: If with "board" you mean the GPU, then I agree. Gonna reclaim my 14-day return right and request a new card.
added on the 2010-01-30 23:05:07 by xTr1m xTr1m
Psycho: What does RMA mean?
added on the 2010-01-30 23:05:35 by xTr1m xTr1m
Great, i wanted to buy 5850 myself (deserting nvidia for first time in 8 years) so now i guess i have better statistical probability of picking a functioning one!

... I am not helping, am I ?
added on the 2010-01-30 23:10:51 by snoutmate snoutmate
RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization, I suppose
added on the 2010-01-30 23:19:44 by iq iq
Sorry to have recommended a faulty GPU ;-)
Glad you could make use of my "reassurance/advice/silly comment"
Ich hoffe, die nächste Karte tut es. Aber Alternate haben nicht umsonst einen so guten Ruf. Viel Spass mit dem neuen System!
added on the 2010-02-09 10:09:33 by mct mct
you make Temis cry
added on the 2010-02-09 10:54:21 by the_Ye-Ti the_Ye-Ti
Not the highest end GPU, but I bought few months ago a 250GTS by 100€ from Asus (ENGTS250 DK). With 512 mb I think.

It took me a lot of hours to decide, taking a look for different prices, people here helped me so much by running a shader program I did and telling me their speed results - but I can't find the thread now.

My conclusion was: it is better to spend today 100-150 euros per a GPU not in the highest end but with good enough computing power, and next year buy another 100-150 euros card instead of buying a 300-400 euros GPU card for 2 or 3 years.

So well, I advice you to do like me, and also it might be a good idea to spend money in a good power supply that would be valid for this year card and next year card.

Oh, and... if you do any shader program you want to test, I would be glad to test it in my machine to tell you the results
added on the 2010-02-09 14:43:44 by texel texel

Really useful information here ^
added on the 2010-02-09 14:46:05 by texel texel
Wait for Fermi aka. GTX480 or 470, supposedly out next month.
Nah, I've just been using my replaced HD 5850, playing Dirt2. That card rocks! <3 Gonna learn DirectX 11 soon
added on the 2010-02-09 15:35:43 by xTr1m xTr1m