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I slightly disagree. Choking Victom is pretty nice but Leftöver Crack delivered one of the best punk albums of the last decade, which is...

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IMO thats how the evolution of the punk ideology should be nowadays. I'm sick of most of the so-called MTV punk crap.

Oh yeah, The Infested are pretty awesome as well when it comes to Crack Rock Stready:


Best fucking album of 2009. You get it for free on the internetz, if you like them, support them and buy a CD:
http://theinfested.bigcartel.com/product/the-infested-myths-lies-hypocrites-cd-al bum - it's only 5 Pound as well.
added on the 2010-04-26 19:23:47 by freeze freeze
Thx for that Leftover Crack recommendation... Very good album!

Keep em coming, i need some more punk power...!
added on the 2010-05-09 15:36:30 by ignus ignus