San Francisco pubmeet near Apple WWDC 6/7-6/11ish

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Apple's WWDC is June 7 to 11, I'll be in San Francisco from the 6th to 12th. Looking to beer up with some SF-area demo peoples...

I've already arranged something else for Friday night (I'm meeting up with a non-scener friend), but I might be able to move that to another day if necessary.

Anyone interested?
added on the 2010-06-02 22:29:29 by Spenot Spenot
Not me unfortunately, but have a good time :)
added on the 2010-06-03 01:58:12 by psonice psonice
i say as psonice: good there is a WWDC stream anyways
I'm in SF right now until the 7th of Jun, so if anybody wants to hook up, feel free to shoot over an email at abyss at assembly dot org.
added on the 2010-06-03 07:41:31 by abyss abyss
Depending on the time/place, I might be able to make it.
added on the 2010-06-03 08:48:15 by LiraNuna LiraNuna
Well, it looks like I'm not going to WWDC afterall. Don't ask, it's a very, very, very long story.

Hope this thread will be useful for those who do go :)
added on the 2010-06-03 12:27:41 by Spenot Spenot