Random Optimist Thread

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Happy happy, joy joy! :D
Come here for a smile. :) Share positive thoughts and ideas.
Pictures of cute animals allowed.
added on the 2010-06-23 22:13:56 by r0XX0r r0XX0r
Life is cool! :)
added on the 2010-06-23 22:17:38 by wullon wullon
yes. life makes you rich alone !
life makes ppl forget about stupid stuff like money !
life is worthsome !
oh, wait....this is some serious thread i guess !
bye !
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added on the 2010-06-23 22:18:54 by Xetick Xetick
The random pessimist thread sux
added on the 2010-06-23 22:23:39 by yumeji yumeji
This is the most awesum thread evar!
I'm feeling happy, and full of joy!
added on the 2010-06-23 22:25:19 by urs urs
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added on the 2010-06-23 22:29:33 by Defiance Defiance
this thread will have more msg that this one
added on the 2010-06-23 22:33:27 by wullon wullon
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All you happy optimists probably takes way too many drugs.
added on the 2010-06-23 22:35:30 by neoneye neoneye
nah, closin´ eyes only is the better way to avoid realizin´ !
I just want to say, your next demo will be beautiful, don't stop believing!
added on the 2010-06-23 23:06:57 by 4mat 4mat
today i found out that the girl who i love mutually has a boyfriend.
i don't even care about that because i think she will break up with him to be with me.
i´m her boyfriend and i´ll happily invite you to our menage a trois forever-ness ;)
i'm okay with that!
:) happily joining you soon with my Carebears-Gang, the pink one especially wants you, so imma going to give him the first shot !
...if you´re OK with that ! ;)
as long as we have tea afterwards, while listening to some old jazz and blues LPs.
2nd try:
if you transgender meantime and you look good, then, we can have some
tea afterwards, while listening to some old rock and blues LPs. :p
why not ?
i'm not transgendering.
i must say i do look like a 14 year old (while i'm actually a lot older) if you're a bit of a jazz musician.
A, mein B is am Zeh !
ich hab mir die rübe heute zugeballert mit alkohol, aber bestimmt nicht um nen 14-jährigen anzugreifen oder so ! ( wollte nur, dass Ghana gewinnt und somit das ÜBEL des Deutschen Daseins nicht weiter um sich greift, siehe Gremlins 1-3 ! )
ausserdem steh ich auf weiber, obwohl die mir auch seit jahren egal sind ;)

sry 4 german: i like girls and would like to say sorry to whynot2k ! : SORRY, young MAN !

ich bin nur vollbreit, gib dir nix drum, wn2k ;) lass uns das hier stoppen, bzw lass noch deinen kram ab, ich antworte nich mehr, bleib fair !
The glass is full!
added on the 2010-06-23 23:43:44 by paniq paniq
nah, the glass is never_empty_able !
added on the 2010-06-24 16:08:38 by r0XX0r r0XX0r
The glass is 2x the required height!
added on the 2010-06-24 16:30:41 by andr00 andr00
Actual size is awesome!
added on the 2010-06-24 16:39:43 by r0XX0r r0XX0r