demosoundtracks that sound better(?) stretched to 800%

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let's jump on the bandwagon.

"frameskool" by Equinox
added on the 2010-08-19 16:17:39 by 4mat 4mat
Video too please :) (hmm.. ambient oldschool?!)
added on the 2010-08-19 16:31:41 by psonice psonice
I've done this:

Will have to kkapture something soon, methinks...
paulstretch is sooooo 4 months ago: http://soundcloud.com/maalainen ;P
added on the 2010-08-19 16:41:50 by Maali Maali
four months ago is soooooooo maali
OMFG! this is über awesome. omg i cant. .c. .believe it !
paulstretch is ideal for my short attention spam to making music tho.. just track smth crappy that lasts 20 seconds and stretch it to 10 minutes!
added on the 2010-08-19 16:45:00 by Maali Maali
knl is not gonna like this thread :(
added on the 2010-08-19 16:55:21 by okkie okkie
now go and hack "Happiness is Around the Bend"
added on the 2010-08-19 17:10:25 by xeron xeron
Paulstretch is more 2006/2007 to me.
added on the 2010-08-19 17:10:31 by knl knl
he should have called it goatstretch in honour of everyones favourite bumstretcher.
added on the 2010-08-19 17:12:20 by xeron xeron
I'm worried about the source of inspiration :).
added on the 2010-08-19 17:14:59 by Jakim Jakim
Oh, and on note, BITS' prods could be 8x better with such stretching.

Wait, wait, it's still zero ;).
added on the 2010-08-19 17:16:22 by Jakim Jakim
hey you techs, 800% is soooo wrong! it's 8 times slower, means slowing it down by 87,5%. d'oh!
added on the 2010-08-19 20:36:32 by scythoior scythoior
added on the 2010-08-19 20:41:24 by Gargaj Gargaj
the slowed down drums a great
added on the 2010-08-20 09:31:43 by harism harism
As a quick experiment I took our old demo, Times Square and made a 36 minute stretched version of it. I also adjusted the saturation way down to better fit the mood. What do you think, even more boring than the original or disturbingly enjoyable?

Soundtrack also available separately, original and stretched.
added on the 2010-08-20 11:02:44 by fragment fragment