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Happy Happy Joy Joy

90's eurodance, happy hardcore and pop
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Trip thru early electronic music, computer programs and taoism.
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https://www.mixcloud.com/reddevilmixclub/space-operator-aka-slager-bert-bizarre- 2000-deepradio/

deepradio ft. superplek aka 'slager bert' @ bizarre 200, etten leur, NL
techno/dnb, vinyl and cigarettes
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Cool stuff guys!

We're now in the 100 club!


For that reason:

Moodymann - Music People [Planet E]
Blue Boy - Funky Friday [Guidance]
GU - The Wheel [Cajual]
Tech Trax Inc. - Feel The Love (Sex Mix) [Rush Hour]
Chez-N-Trent - The Choice (Windy City Club) [KMS]
DJ Dove - Illusions [Sound Metaphor Records]
Braxton Holmes Presents John Redmond - Everyday People (12" Mix Basement Boys Style) [Cajual]
Jasper Street Co. - A Feelin' (Paradox Vocal) [Basement Boys]
Joshua - I Wish (Vox) [Joshua GUR Series]
Block 16 - Electrokution [Nuphonic]
Yellow Sox - Flim Flam [Nuphonic]
Losoul - Overland [Playhouse]
Kevin Yost - It's Getting Bigger [I Records]
Blaze - Funky People [Playhouse]
Common Factor - Get Down [Planet E]
Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (Masters At Work Mix) [Disorient]
Care - On & On [Force Inc.]
Johnick - Play The World [Henry Street]
Josh One - Contemplation (King Britt Funke Mix) [Legato]
Sluts'n'Strings & 909 - Real Rebellion [Cheap]
Salt City Orchestra - The Book (Hardback Dub) [Paper]
Mitsu - Shylight [Downsall Plastics]
Green Velvet - Help Me [Relief]
Adonis - No Way Back (Vocal) [Trax]
UR - First Galactic Baptist Church [Underground Resistance]

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https://www.mixcloud.com/lug00ber/alkama-revision-2017-shader-showdown-qualifica tion-roundfizzer-vs-lovely-hannibal/

Alkama's set for the Shader Showdown Qualification Round, where Fizzer and Lovely Hannibal faced off.
Recorded straight from the DJ mixer with audience ambience mics mixed in.

1- The Beatangers - Gossip
2- Reinier Zonneveld - Things We Might Have Said (feat. Cari Golden)
3- Rodriguez Jr. - 2 Miles Away
4- Nick Devon - Skyline (Mallone's City Lights Remix)
5- Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Luechtoorn
6- Dosem - Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Green Mix)
7- Sven Wegner - Footfood
8- Anton Pieete, Paul Ritch - The Opera
9- Mstrkrft - Work On You (Para One Remix)
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https://www.mixcloud.com/lug00ber/alkama-revision-2017-shader-showdown-finalscup e-vs-lj/

Alkama's set for the Shader Showdown Qualification Final, where Cupe and LJ battled for the title.
Recorded straight from the DJ mixer with audience ambience mics mixed in.

1- Extrawelt - Doch Doch (Patrick Zigon Mix)
2- Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz - Satellite
3- Komytea - Vietnam
4- Komytea - Exit
5- Croatia Squad - The D Machine
6- Patrick Siech - Dome
7- Pele - Childhood's End
8- Royksopp - This Must Be It (Maxime Dangles Remix)
9- Alex Kennon - Last Call (Karmon Remix)
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https://www.mixcloud.com/lug00ber/lug00ber-revision-2017-shader-showdown-qualifi cation-roundcupe-vs-blueberry/

My set for the Shader Showdown Qualification Round, where Cupe and Blueberry faced off.
Recorded straight from the DJ mixer with audience ambience mics mixed in.

1 Lost Time by Technimatic
2 Fatal Attraction by BCee feat Bladerunner
3 TDK by Taxman
4 A New Renegade by Dom & Roland
5 Champion Sound (DLR Jungle refix) by Q Project
6 The Licence (Break remix) by Krome + Time
7 Be Around by The Invaders
8 Enough Said by RMS
9 Blaze the Fire (Rah!) (Stray remix) by Danny Byrd feat General Levy
10 Violent Sound by Hive, Gridlok, Keaten, Echo
11 We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical mix) by Freeland
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https://www.mixcloud.com/lug00ber/lug00ber-revision-2017-shader-showdown-qualifi cation-semi-finalfizzer-vs-cupe/

My set for the Shader Showdown Semi Final, where Fizzer and Cupe faced off.

15 minutes before going on stage I chucked my original plan out the window, quickly assembled a playlist called "Sunday Funday" with music from 160 bpm and upwards and went on stage. So it's super messy, but was good fun :)

1 Freestyler (Album version) by Bomfunk MCs
2 Ain't Talkin 'bout Dub by Apollo 440
3 Badungdeng (DieMantle remix) by Sleeping' Giantz
4 Buss It by Richie Brains
5 Quest by Shimon & Andy C
6 Shining Bright (Abyss remix) by Alk-E-D
7 Super Sharp Shooter by DJ Zinc
8 It Takes Me Away by Marusha
9 Hardcore Vibes by Dune
10 Feeling So Real by Moby
11 At Least Half A Size by lug00ber
12 Acid Folk by Perplexer
13 Wizzy (Darwin Remix) by Nu Foundation
14 Acid Folk by Perplexer
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best thread ever :)
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Back to back set with my dutch sis Knoeki, closing out the last night at Revision 2017. Big up everyone in attendance, was great vibes all the way until early morning <3

1 Bad Boys by Ed Solo & Deekline feat Top Cat
2 1970 Dub by DJ Devastate
3 Ruffest Gunark (Chase & Status remix) by Top Cat
4 Fatal Attraction by BCee feat Bladerunner
5 Get Lo by Interface
6 Set It Off by KTee & Friction
7 Jungle Buss Me (lug00ber dubplate) by Demolition Man
8 The Licence (Serial Killaz remix) by Krome + Time
9 Coco Loco by Featurecast
10 Grand Funk Hustle by Die & Break
11 I Need Your Loving (Silent Code Jungle mix) by Baby D
12 Who Got Da Funk by Break
13 U Gotta B Crazy (Enei remix) by London Elektricity
14 Under Pressure by Majistrate & Sub Zero
15 Beat Keeps by Spectrasoul
16 Ruffian by Calyx & TeeBee
17 Throwback Therapy by Fixate
18 97 Style by Taxman & Original Sin
19 I Don't Need by Riya feat Break
20 Gambino by DC Breaks
21 Bounce by Mindscape
22 Polygon by ShockOne
23 Lost Away by Sigma feat Shakka
24 Blind Faith (Loadstar remix) by Chase & Status
25 Gave Too Much by Break feat Kyo
26 Hey Mama (lug00ber remix) by Black Eyed Peas
27 On Your Side by Hoffman & lug00ber
28 Do You See The Light (lug00ber remade D.Kay's VIP) by Snap! vs Plaything
29 Bomber by Loadstar
30 Hack n Slash (VIP) by Gloom
31 Rude Awakening (lug00ber VIP) by Gargaj
32 Visions of the Future by Silent Witness, Break & Survival
33 Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Wilkinson feat P Money & Arlissa
34 Black Heart by Frankee
35 Horns 2016 by Callide
36 Haste (Phace remix) by Emperor
37 Arcade by DC Breaks
38 Low Frequency (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Denney
39 Aztec (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Spor
40 Get Around (Roni Size remix) by Michael Woods feat Sam Obernik)
41 How Love Begins (Delta Heavy's 2003 remix) by DJ Fresh & High Contrast
42 On A Ragga Tip (Slipmatt remix) by SL2
43 Wizzy by Nu Foundation
44 Move Your Ass by Scooter
45 Just Breathe by lug00ber & OptimizE feat Ida Dillan
46 Solvent by Break
47 Dreadnaught (Phace remix) by Icicle
48 Between the Lines by Break feat SP MC
49 Electric Echo by Metrik & GUNSHIP
50 We're All We Need (Spectrasoul remix) by Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston
51 Beneath the Mask by Makai
52 Chubrub by Ed Rush & Optical
53 We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical mix) by Freeland
54 Neva Soft (nu:tone remix) by Ms Dynamite
55 Rave Weapon by Mob Tactics
56 Heartbeat Loud by Andy C
57 Hot For Me Now (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Meridian Dan
58 Mad by Mat Zo
59 Feeling So Real by Moby
60 Heut's Mein Tag (180er LFO Hardcore mix) by Blümchen
61 Somewhere Outthere by Deep Star
62 100 Megaton Creampie by Undercover Jews
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..never posted this anywhere, sorry - this is my 2nd stage set from Revision 2013.

Enjoy! :)

(convenience DL Link: http://keepvid.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fqlaf%2Fapril-fools-on-2 nd-stage%2F)
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https://www.mixcloud.com/sa%C5%A1a-jaramaz/dan-scott-vinylterror-live-at-leila-1 3052017/

My latest live set at Leila Records in Belgrade/Serbia, recorded last Saturday night (13th May 2017)

Slow-burning Deep House, Funk, Soul & Disco Edits...
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lug00ber - Wormhole (2.5h) [DnBPortal.com]

Live video recording from Cross Club, Prage. Wormhole night, 22. April 2017
Ram Trilogy - Screamer
Ms Dynamite - Neva Soft (nu tone remix)
DJ Fresh - How Love Begins (Delta Heavy's 2003 remix)
Chase & Status - Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix)
Chase & Status - Take Me Away
Break feat Kyo - Gave Too Much
Top Cat - Ruffest Gunark (Chase & Status remix)
Baby D - I Need Your Loving (Silent Code Jungle mix)
Dom & Roland - A New Renegade
Demolition Man - Jungle Buss Me (lug00ber dubplate)
Taxman - TDK (Original Mix)
Krome + Time - The Licence (Serial Killaz Remix)
Digital - Deadline (S.P.Y. VIP)
Sub Focus - Soundguy
Bad Company - Grunge 3
Gydra - Unhinged
Hive - Neo
Dom & Roland - Tone Poem
Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce - Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)
Noisia - Block Control
Break - Unification
Hive, Gridlok, Keaton, Echo - Violent Sound
John B - The Colossus
Technical Itch - The Rukus (D.Kay VIP)
Break - Don't Rush It
Concord Dawn - Say Your Words
Rawthang feat Kari Rueslaatten - Epilogue VIP
Cause4Concern - Moongerm (Pythius Remix)
Silent Witness, Break, Survival - Visions Of The Future
Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub
Frankee - Black Heart
Wilkinson feat P Money & Arlissa - Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
Emperor - Haste (Phace remix)
DC Breaks - Arcade
Break, Riya - I Don't Need
Red One - Believe In U (Ant Miles Remix)
Ulterior Motive - INTA National
Tremah, Anthony Granata - Nice & Close (Zero T remix)
Break - Who Got Da Funk
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Testify
Fourward - Yung Bongo
S.P.Y - Brooklyn Dub
Gerra & Stone - Chicago
TeeBee - Let Go
TeeBee - Snake Funk
Calyx feat Teebee - Follow The Leader
TeeBee - War Fear
Calyx & TeeBee - Stray Bullet
Calyx - Get Myself To You
Calyx - Are You Ready (Hive & Gridlok Remix)
Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical mix)
Denney - Low Frequency (Calyx & TeeBee remix)
Spor - Aztec (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Michael Woods feat Sam Obernik - Get Around (Roni Size remix)
Mob Tactics - Rave Weapon
Tony Anthem & erbNdub feat Smk & Navigator - Fire Bun
Calyx & TeeBee - Get It Twisted
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Adding to the DnB goodness, here's my Friday night set at Outline 2017:


01. Enei - The Artefact
02. QBig and Zenith B - Opposite
03. Loxy & Resound - The Hour
04. Humanature - Tremor
05. Royalston - Blight Mamba
06. Hanzo, Randie and Bayou - Totentanz
07. Royalston - Sunburnt In Malaysia feat. Lyflyk
08. Wintermute & Bastard - Funk Renegade
09. Riya - Fall Apart feat. Philth
10. Enei - Stonehead
11. Marcus Intalex - Jupiter
12. Foreign Concept - When You're Alone
13. Agressor Bunx - Hottah
14. MachineCode - Planet 9
15. Optiv & CZA - Bring It Back
16. Krome & Time - The Licence
17. Nu:Logic - New Technique
18. Krakota - North Winds
19. Metrik - Chasing Sunrise feat. Elisabeth Troy
20. Trei - Identity Crisis
21. Hyperlogic - Only Me [Hamilton Remix]
22. John B - The Colossus
23. Teebee - Let Go [Remastered]
24. Nu:Logic - Future Theory
25. Fred V & Grafix - Basilisk
26. J Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World feat. Kathy Brown [VIP]
27. J Majik & Wickaman - Rollin' It feat. DJ Hype Daddy
28. Malmen - Glowstick
29. jco - Rainbow to Eternity
30. Kevin Energy, Douglas, Voycey - Twisted Minds
31. Wan Bushi - Bushi's Dreamland
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Friday night set

Thursday night actually, but who cares :)
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I've also reached the 100th mix in the series I'm doing. As good a time as any to do some spamming. Check it out if you're up for 3.5 hours of house "oldies" from the past 6 years or so. https://soundcloud.com/breaque-fin/hausaufgabe-100
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#101 is out (or has been a while, sorry)

Gas - Pop 3 [Kompakt]
Birds & Tapes - Mallorca [Giegling]
nthng - Touches [Lobster Theremin]
Lord Of The Isles - Tocpe 28 [Firecracker Recordings]
Cale Parks - 36 Questions Sunset [Throne Of Blood]
Paladin - Zone I-II [Per Musica Ad Astra]
Ioannis Savvaidis - NSA Trusted Networks [Lower Parts]
Fiero - El Dorado Squadron [Giallo Disco]
Antoni Maiovvi - Clocks [Schrödinger's Box]
Ahmed Malek & Flako - Tape 12 Track 1 [Habibi Funk]
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Melodic(?) techno with some rave and electro inbound!

Space Dimension Controller - Exostack [R&S]
Architectural - Surreal Restaurant [Ellum Audio]
Kadajane - Sleeples Giant [UN.T.O. Records]
Alexis Tyrel - Concurnation [Lessismore]
Merv - Blank II [minimood]
Brassica - Splash [Vivod]
Christian Nielsen - Hard Times [Kompakt Extra]
Bunkr - Cloud Chaser [Love On The Rocks]
Benjamin Fröhlich - Amos (Lauer Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
Radio Slave - Children Of The E (KiNK SP122 Mix) [Running Back]
Drvg Cvltvre - The Crazies Are Coming [Tripalium]
Dynarec - In Your Hand (Dynarec Remake) [Technorama]
Zeta Reticula - Untitled [Electrix Recordings]
Rhine - De Storm [Delsin]
Nthng - Eternal [Lobster Theremin]
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I did a 3.5 hour show with another DJ on actual goddamn broadcast radio last night, subjecting all the normals to scenermusic. :P Have a listen here:

Part 1 (my set starts 7 mins in)
Part 2

Note that if you're reading this post more than a week from 10.9.2017 those links will point to a different show.

We also got a 'clean' straight-off-the-mixer recording (without all the DJ chatter, ads, etc.) that I'll post up as soon as it's ready. Tracklist then too.
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I played 4 hours of relaxed, loungey DnB at my home hackerspace last Saturday night, turned out pretty well if I may say so:

BB Image

No tracklist in here because OMG IT'S HUGE but it's in the id3 comment tag :)
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