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Finally got around to launching my Mixcloud channel. Here's that time where I played a bunch of demoscene music & tracker tunes at a fetish party. And pulled it the fuck off. Not kidding.

11PM "light" set (house, techno, oldschool stuff)
Featuring Alkama, cTrix, Bacter & Saga Musix, AceMan, Wrencan, daXX, Fegolhuzz, el-bee, plus some of my own tracks & stuff from my local producer friends

2AM "dark" set (dubstep, trance, futurepop, ebm)
Featuring Necros, Byproduct, h0ffman, AceMan & SuperNoise, ReDubb, Skaven and more

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Here we go. Been awake for 5 days before doing this one. My Mixcloud has better sets, but still this is as hardcore as it gets. I'm no poser.
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Juicy Dojoe :D
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TRSAC 2017 Acid Music Compo, mixed by lug00ber


Daddy the anonymous horse is here by Surfsmurf
dead line pressure by farf
baal by Teo
Muzzle Reflex by Booster
Ph4 by xtrium
HELLP? by Ronny
NU KAN DET NOK! by Flunkium
Friendly Neighbours by Notorious
Humorphism by The Other Left
Musicmakers by fugl
Acid Hammer by lug00ber
Bangers & Mash by Puryx

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Finally, the TRSAC 2017 Bass Bromance set!
Thanks to Dwarf, it was really fun :)


Carl Breaks by lug00ber
Here to Stay by Zomboy, Lady Chann
>> Eple by Röyksopp
Here to Stay by Zomboy, Lady Chann
Block Rockin' Beats by Chemical Brothers
International (Skrillex remix) by Chase & Status
Make It Bun Dem (Pegboard Nerds remix) by Skrillex, Damian Marley
Alarma by 666
Dominator (Armin van Buuren remix) by Human Resource
FUK UR MGMT by Kill The Noise
Stay Focused by Feed Me
Heartbit by Pegboard Nerds
Easter Guardians by Gloom
Pickslide by lug00ber
Move That Body by Pegboard Nerds, Quiet Disorder
Only Time by Lets Be Friends
Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction) by New Order
9 Fingers (lug00ber VIP) by Travolta
Pulverturm 2.0 (Scot Project remix) by Niels van Gogh
Darkroom by Mauro Picotto
Raging in the dancehall by Endymion, FERAL is KINKY, The Viper
Come Take My Hand (The Viper remix) by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
Rør ved mig (Hjernmind mix) by oRaNGe

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my buddy wintermute played a nice feature @ leipzigs

"it's yours radio show"
(warning - it's very ostdeutsch ;) )

1. Artist: Wintermute
Wintermute feat. Amon Bay – 8 Fall [Break The Surface / Lies Keep It Alive EP]
Wintermute & Cues – Euler’s Disc [Boundless Beatz / Convergence EP]
Wintermute – Out of Scale [Katakis Recordings]
Wright & Wintermute – Drive [Beatalistics Rec. / Floating Dust EP]

2. Artist: Gydra
Babymetal – Akatsuki (Gydra remix)
Gydra – Ikra
Gydra & Dextems – Spirits
Gydra – Nailsbucket

3. Artist: Seba
Seba ft Krister Linder – Blaze And Fade Out (12 Inch Version)
Seba & Jr Vallo – Minus 15
Seba & Paradox – The Light
Seba – Addicted
Seba – Silicone (Remastered)

4. Artist: DaVIP
DaVIP & Encode – High Technology
DaVIP – Psychopath
DaVIP & Encode – Vamanos
DaVIP & Downlink – Eliminators

5. Artist: Wright & Bastard
Wright & Bastard – 1 in 1000 [NoSYS Productions / FamilyBiz EP]
Wright & Bastard – Heavy [Beatalistics Rec. / Dust Layer LP (forthcoming)]
Wright & Bastard – Dark Gray [NoSYS Productions - Gray Shadows EP]
Wintermute & Bastard – Natural Born Vibes [digitalGEWITTER / Augmented Mind LP]
Wright & Bastard – Light Gray [NoSYS Productions / Gray Shadows EP]
Wright & Bastard – Virtual Rainbow [Beatalistics Rec. / Dust Layer LP (forthcoming)]
Sumo Lounge – The Week (Wright & Bastard Remix) - [digitalGEWITTER / The Week EP]

6. Artist: Culprate (True Diversity)
Culprate feat. Maksim – Nightmares in Reality
Culprate & Torqux – McFunk
Culprate – Scarred
Culprate – Acid Rain
Culprate, KOAN Sound, Asa & Gemini – Beyond the Shadows
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Ventured into some DnB on the radio the other day, was on the air for 3hrs with another DJ. Here's my main set:

We Love Dance Parties DnB set 30.12.2017

Tons of scene content in this one. Tracklist:

Ida Dillan - I’ll never forget you (lug00ber remix)
The Swarm - untitled (Forsaken OST)
Uclid/ST4T R3P - Time Machine
Lasu - All I Know
SunSpire - Reflections
Teaganbear - Sonic Freedom
Lasu - Kyrie
TRVLR - Sofa Rockers
Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away
jmph - Sunspot
h0ffman & lug00ber - On Your Side
Falcon - Rum & Bass
Unicode - untitled (BSC14)
Xen - untitled (BSC14)
Cosmiq & Cyrex - Last Train to Leningrad
Zyota - untitled (BSC14)
virt - Turn Around (remix)
Sonic Range - 64 steps 2 eternity
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@dq <3
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dipswitch - winter bass 2017/18



• sir spyro feat. killa p, lady chann, teddy bruckshot – topper top (kahn & neek rmx) [deep medi musik]
• boofy – mask & glove [bandulu]
• lemzly dale – no long talk [sector 7 sounds]
• as.if kid – bombay mix [slimzos]
• commodo – s is for snakes [bandulu]
• sir spyro – tekkers [deep medi musik]
• eva808 - prrr [innamind]
• mungo’s hifi feat. charlie p – rules of the dance (kahn & neek rmx) [scrub-a-dub]
• mungo’s hifi feat. charlie p – rules of the dance (jd mix) [scrub-a-dub]
• kahn - fierce (commodo rmx) [bandulu]
• jamakabi – hot it up (kahn & neek rmx) [bandulu]
• siskiyou – mantis [navy cut]
• pinch – water bomb [cold recordings]
• orson – the past is a dream [version]
• dj madd – capture [dubs alive]
• desmond denker – über den dingen [modularfield]
• rider shafique – i-dentity [young echo]
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Oops, didn't post this one yet! My second-last set of 2017, mostly made up on the spot while I was already behind the decks. I tried to play EDM & synthwave but that quickly went out the window and this was the result. Needless to say I fucking love everything about this even despite some utter shit transitions (hey, YOU try jumping 25BPM in a 4-bar outtro!) and have listened to it like a billion times myself. Enjoy!


Purple Motion - They Call Me Speed
BANSHEE - Cat People
Seamlessr - The Way U Move
Teaganbear - The Power
Aesthetische - Bittersweet
Code 64 - Progenitor
Pegboard Nerds - Hero
Virt - RIX
Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away
Duality Vile - Alloy Lantern Stage
Toxicxeternity - Mute City
Toxicxeternity - Strike the Earth
h0ffman & lug00ber - On Your Side
Byproduct - Platform
Oforia - Return of the Machines (Future Prophecy remix)
Deadmau5 - Ghosts’n’stuff (SynSun remix)
h0ffman & SaVannaH - Rolling Thunder (The Rumblist remix)
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BB Image

Fugees - Killing Me Softly (Dominic Ridgway Bootleg) [Free Download]
Neve - Oak City [The Dreamers Recordings]
Mojoman - Thrive Pattern VIP [Beatalistics]
T.R.A.C. ft. Calibre - Blue [V Recordings]
Redeyes - Stand Tall [ThirtyOne Recordings]
SpectraSoul ft. SOLAH - Fiction [Ish Chat Music]
John Miszt - Search [Terabyte Records]
RoyGreen & Protone & Pennygiles - Suburbs [C.I.A.]
Submorphics ft. Satl & T.R.A.C. - Watchudo [The North Quarter]
Javano - All day Loop [Prestige Music]
Macca & Loz Contreras - On My Mind [Shogun Audio]
Dawn Wall - Lemon Dogs [Integral Records]
SpectraSoul - Move On [Ish Chat Music]
Calibre ft. DRS - Broken Wings [Signature]
Redeyes & Random Movement & Mutt ft. Mike Romeo - Groove Thing [Spearhead]
Voltage - Hold Tight [Metalheadz]
Commix - Belleview (dBridge Belle Reviewed Remix) [Metalheadz]
Seba - Implosion [Secret Operation]
Enei & Kasra - Projections [Critical Music]
Ivy Lab - Peninsula (SpectraSoul Remix) [Critical Music]
Alix Perez - Dark Star [1985]
Ground - Murph [Flexout Audio]
Sam Binga & Rider Shafique - Highly Blessed (Alix Perez Remix) [Critical Music]
Potential Badboy - Lion Roar [Jekyll & Hyde Recordings]
Foreign Concept ft. Fox - Skit City (QZB Remix) [Critical Music]
Breakage - Ric Flair Strut (Index)
Marcus Intalex - Steady [Soul:R]
Wagz - Zodiac [None 60]
Voltage - Losing You [Metalheadz]
Artificial Intelligence - Sicario [Metalheadz]
Kasra & Enei - 1000 [Critical Music]
Critical Impact ft. Jakes - Geeks and Geez [C.I.A.]
Alix Perez - Blips [1985]
SpectraSoul - Pinger [Ish Chat Music]
GLXY & QZB - Yes Jah [Shogun Audio]
Ill_K - Herb Dub [Through These Eyes]
Fixate - Rumours [Exit Records]
Bladerunner - Back To The Jungle (Hyroglifics Remix) [Critical Music]
Deft - Around [1985]
Mystic State - Whole Half [Flexout Audio]
SpectraSoul ft. Madi Lane - Say What [Ish Chat Music]
Wright & Bastard - Mainstream Subculture [Beatalistics]
Mauoq - Everything Irie (Wayout Dub) [Mauoq Music]
Om Unit - Twilight [Cosmic Bridge]
Wright & Bastard - A Bit Like [Beatalistics]
Kid Kun - Ascension [Free DL]
Wright & Bastard - Lost Brother [Beatalistics]
ASC - Sequence #3 [Auxiliary]
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To me, demoscene really was an Amiga Phenomenon that happened in 92-93. It took over the cracking scene, so nerdism was definately stronger than gaymers.

I do a follow-up project here: Xay Glu Deliar Hackers

And I also always did music production, and nearly has finished my video-series The Bridge Over Arkaida, which also is a parallel follow up to the PLUR culture of the 90s.

Peaceful Salutations.
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bullet - TrackBack Vol. X

Funky Drive by X-Connection
Prospect by Keith Carnal
Destructions by Kai Tracid
Lava flow by Equus
Untold by Keith Carnal
Purge by Amelie Lens & Fargo
Just close your eyes by Gecko
Cum on by DJ HMC
Acid Air Eaid (Silent Bread RMX) by Solar Quest
Beacon by Truss
Ficken by Thomas Schumacher
Flash by Green Velvet
Purple Road by DJ Misjah & DJ Tim
Keep your love by DJ Misjah
Armaguedon by Emmanuel top
Collider by Jon Hopkins
Chaos by Regal
186am by DJ HMC
Action by Regal
Tanzmaschine by Knarz
One night in nyc by The Horrorist
Play some rave for me by Stranger
Male vaporum by Clouds
Gummiringe by Jones & Stephenson
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I've started streaming myself DJ-ing on Twitch sporadically (basically, I go live and play when I feel like it). Here's a recording from last Thursday:

https://www.mixcloud.com/lug00ber/triple-licorice-beats-2018-02-15-twitch-live-s tream-recording/

Untitled Jungle by Breakage
Raise by System Noise
Tower of Silence by Carrion
Epilogue VIP by Rawthang
Lost Souls feat. Cern by Homemade Weapons, MC Fokus
Basement Crates by lug00ber
Paper Thin by Homemade Weapons, MC Fokus, DBR UK
Lying To Myself (Calyx & Teebee remix) by Matt Lange
Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (TeeBee Remix) by Photek
Grunge 3 by Bad Company
Cutslo (Lokuste Mix) by Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce
O.G. Returns by Manifest
What by HPC
Signal by Fresh
Killa (Dom & Roland Remix) by Calyx
Gangsta by Total Science, S.P.Y.
Illusions by Calyx
Block Control by Noisia
The Rukus (D.Kay VIP) by Technical Itch
Are You Ready (Hive & Gridlok Remix) by Calyx
Chasing Shadows by Calyx
Bail Out (Spirit VIP) by Digital
Say Your Words by Concord Dawn
Redlines (Break Remix) by Total Science, Riya
Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix) by Chase & Status
Xerox by Basher
See the Light (lug00ber reVIP) by Snap!
Running Blind by Noisia
Bomber by Loadstar
Nothing Matters (Noisia remix) by Mark Knight, Skin
Could This Be by Noisia
Violent Sound by Hive, Gridlok, Keaton, Echo
Don't Rush It by Break
Tone Poem by Dom & Roland
Neo by Hive
Sacrifice by Dom & Roland
Soundwall VIP by Dom & Roland
Shadow Boxing (Om Unit remix VIP) by Nasty Habits
Killa Soundboy by Mikal
Smoke Rings by Logistics
The Depths by Royalston
Beat Keeps by SpectraSoul
Steamer by Odden & Gundelsby
Ruffian by Calyx & TeeBee
Westbank by Gridlok
Inta National VIP by Ulterior Motive
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Latest edition of Unstable Radio, now on Mixcloud..


Code:1 Dakou (Digital Exclusive) by Jacques Greene 2 frostnova by keith303 3 Left Hander - Original Mix by Martyn 4 Deliver Me feat. Stacey Kitson - Hush Mix by Tim Davison 5 1009 by Bonobo 6 The Basics of Love (Original Mix) by Nixon 7 Elysian (Soundtrack) by Hoffman / Logicoma 8 Can You Hear Me - Trifonic Remix by Hybrid 9 Shank (Original Mix) by Trevino 10 Invincible by Si Begg 11 Pheonix (Vigi and Nectarios Mix) by Nectarios 12 Mad Situation feat. Junior Delgado - Original Mix by Freq Nasty 13 The Day the Earth Stood Still by Screwface 14 Struct by Irvin 15 Street Soul Music (Freshold & Hoffman Remix) by Subsource 16 Carpet Muncha (2008 Remastered Version) by Deep Impact 17 Noise Complaint by glxblt 18 Cold Sweat by Takomo 19 Blind ED by Cut n Run 20Dreamland by The Autobots vs Aqausky 21 Break & Enter by The Prodigy 22 Everybody Needs The A303 (Nova Party Mix) by Big Boss Man of Demografica 23 Makeshift by Hoffman 24 stuck in the beehive (full length original) by keith303 25 Childhood Memories (Original Mix) by Rockwell feat Kito & Sam Frank 26 Underpass by Rockwell 27 Rubbik (Soundproof Motion Soundtrack) by Hoffman and Ferris 28 Pulp Fiction by Alex Reece 29 Loose Ends (ft Noisia) by Alix Perez 30 MAD (Original Mix) by Mat Zo 31 Intrinsic Gravity (Extended Mix) by Hoffman 32 Tokyo Dawn by Doc Scot
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