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Finally got around to launching my Mixcloud channel. Here's that time where I played a bunch of demoscene music & tracker tunes at a fetish party. And pulled it the fuck off. Not kidding.

11PM "light" set (house, techno, oldschool stuff)
Featuring Alkama, cTrix, Bacter & Saga Musix, AceMan, Wrencan, daXX, Fegolhuzz, el-bee, plus some of my own tracks & stuff from my local producer friends

2AM "dark" set (dubstep, trance, futurepop, ebm)
Featuring Necros, Byproduct, h0ffman, AceMan & SuperNoise, ReDubb, Skaven and more

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Here we go. Been awake for 5 days before doing this one. My Mixcloud has better sets, but still this is as hardcore as it gets. I'm no poser.
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Juicy Dojoe :D
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TRSAC 2017 Acid Music Compo, mixed by lug00ber


Daddy the anonymous horse is here by Surfsmurf
dead line pressure by farf
baal by Teo
Muzzle Reflex by Booster
Ph4 by xtrium
HELLP? by Ronny
NU KAN DET NOK! by Flunkium
Friendly Neighbours by Notorious
Humorphism by The Other Left
Musicmakers by fugl
Acid Hammer by lug00ber
Bangers & Mash by Puryx

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Finally, the TRSAC 2017 Bass Bromance set!
Thanks to Dwarf, it was really fun :)


Carl Breaks by lug00ber
Here to Stay by Zomboy, Lady Chann
>> Eple by Röyksopp
Here to Stay by Zomboy, Lady Chann
Block Rockin' Beats by Chemical Brothers
International (Skrillex remix) by Chase & Status
Make It Bun Dem (Pegboard Nerds remix) by Skrillex, Damian Marley
Alarma by 666
Dominator (Armin van Buuren remix) by Human Resource
FUK UR MGMT by Kill The Noise
Stay Focused by Feed Me
Heartbit by Pegboard Nerds
Easter Guardians by Gloom
Pickslide by lug00ber
Move That Body by Pegboard Nerds, Quiet Disorder
Only Time by Lets Be Friends
Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction) by New Order
9 Fingers (lug00ber VIP) by Travolta
Pulverturm 2.0 (Scot Project remix) by Niels van Gogh
Darkroom by Mauro Picotto
Raging in the dancehall by Endymion, FERAL is KINKY, The Viper
Come Take My Hand (The Viper remix) by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
Rør ved mig (Hjernmind mix) by oRaNGe

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my buddy wintermute played a nice feature @ leipzigs

"it's yours radio show"
(warning - it's very ostdeutsch ;) )

1. Artist: Wintermute
Wintermute feat. Amon Bay – 8 Fall [Break The Surface / Lies Keep It Alive EP]
Wintermute & Cues – Euler’s Disc [Boundless Beatz / Convergence EP]
Wintermute – Out of Scale [Katakis Recordings]
Wright & Wintermute – Drive [Beatalistics Rec. / Floating Dust EP]

2. Artist: Gydra
Babymetal – Akatsuki (Gydra remix)
Gydra – Ikra
Gydra & Dextems – Spirits
Gydra – Nailsbucket

3. Artist: Seba
Seba ft Krister Linder – Blaze And Fade Out (12 Inch Version)
Seba & Jr Vallo – Minus 15
Seba & Paradox – The Light
Seba – Addicted
Seba – Silicone (Remastered)

4. Artist: DaVIP
DaVIP & Encode – High Technology
DaVIP – Psychopath
DaVIP & Encode – Vamanos
DaVIP & Downlink – Eliminators

5. Artist: Wright & Bastard
Wright & Bastard – 1 in 1000 [NoSYS Productions / FamilyBiz EP]
Wright & Bastard – Heavy [Beatalistics Rec. / Dust Layer LP (forthcoming)]
Wright & Bastard – Dark Gray [NoSYS Productions - Gray Shadows EP]
Wintermute & Bastard – Natural Born Vibes [digitalGEWITTER / Augmented Mind LP]
Wright & Bastard – Light Gray [NoSYS Productions / Gray Shadows EP]
Wright & Bastard – Virtual Rainbow [Beatalistics Rec. / Dust Layer LP (forthcoming)]
Sumo Lounge – The Week (Wright & Bastard Remix) - [digitalGEWITTER / The Week EP]

6. Artist: Culprate (True Diversity)
Culprate feat. Maksim – Nightmares in Reality
Culprate & Torqux – McFunk
Culprate – Scarred
Culprate – Acid Rain
Culprate, KOAN Sound, Asa & Gemini – Beyond the Shadows
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