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Since Buenzli 19, we have been asked by a lot of people about our new location - and now we’re happy and proud to be able to unveil the first details. Buenzli 20 will take place on the 26/27/28 August 2011 in Olten/Switzerland. Our new location is called "Schützi", a stand-alone building in the middle of the city.

The place is a cultural/arts center, usually being used for concerts, parties and other happenings. We’ll give you more details as soon as we catch up with the planning. In the meantime make sure to reserve the date and see where Olten is located (it’s actually easily reachable by train and car).

We will come up with everything you need to know about our celebration party in the coming weeks. Until then, do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions about anything concerned Buenzli 20.

http://www.buenz.li (still the old page of course) ;-)
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awesome! \o/
added on the 2011-01-29 03:58:42 by nemesis nemesis
Dixan, exactly! ;-)
added on the 2011-01-29 09:39:53 by unlock unlock
Unlock: will Pain#60 be released there? :)
added on the 2011-01-29 10:18:26 by magic magic
Hell, the party is already running!
added on the 2011-01-29 18:39:15 by T$ T$
That's the GEOS user group warm up.
added on the 2011-01-29 20:44:40 by unlock unlock
swimming pools nearby??? APPROVED!!
added on the 2011-01-29 22:39:31 by rmeht rmeht
added on the 2011-01-30 02:44:07 by soolta soolta
rmeht: yeah the public open air pools are right beside the location. it's planned to offer special tickets for that, too (and the showers will most likely be there). keep your fingers crossed!
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