pixel art compo with new 3rd gen ipad prize!

category: gfx [glöplog]
for any graphicians looking to flex their old school pixel art muscles, Sketch Club has a fast 3 day pixel art compo celebrating and giving away the new 3rd gen iPad with retina display! the compo page is up at http://app.sketchclub.com/compo/new-ipad

would be super rad to see some demoscene entries :) :) :) entries do need to be created with the app on iOS (sorry no Android or Amiga versions yet)
added on the 2012-03-08 00:41:44 by blackpawn blackpawn
oops sorry for newbing it up here's properly hyperlinked link ^_^ http://app.sketchclub.com/compo/new-ipad
added on the 2012-03-08 00:42:22 by blackpawn blackpawn
That pretty much rules me out
added on the 2012-03-08 06:30:06 by FreeFull FreeFull
"Must use Sketch Club 1.12" ?
It seems they are trying to promote this app.
added on the 2012-03-08 07:43:05 by Forcer Forcer
hehe yeah is my app Forcer :) that rule is saying you have to use the latest version of the app since it includes the stats in the upload so the image load and pixel tool rules can be enforced. people get pretty sneaky when there's a big prize involved so it's a stricter compo than usual. :P
added on the 2012-03-08 09:23:33 by blackpawn blackpawn
find the error:

"We'll say goodbye to visible pixels together"

"Use primarily Pixel tool"
"maintain a nice pixel art feel"

added on the 2012-03-08 16:42:31 by xeNusion xeNusion
I would like to have more flexibility when it comes to
the rules but I understand your point. Hope you will
get many entries.
added on the 2012-03-08 20:00:12 by Forcer Forcer