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I didn't want to call it that because it's still only 1 sample per frame. I could look at rendering multiple times per frame and interpolate/jitter the camera, but I'm guessing it's going to kill framerate. Currently doing around 110fps on a GTX960 at 1920, but I've still got stuff to add that will slow it down.
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Inque style!

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Is our Revision 15 release done yet?
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Image search + YY-CHR
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world first! i'll destroy you at revision!

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Crossbow did 9 sprites in a single rasterline in 2007 already! :p
World Firsts/Records
Crest - Krestage 3
but your sysCall rulez! :)
nice try igor... here's a world record 10 sprites:
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Crossbow used quite a nasty trick to have 9 sprites, but it didn't display the whole sprite, only every second line due to the technique used.

There was another 9 sprites trick, but the thing about it was that two of the sprites were half-width. Sure, they bounced around and moved in x axis freely, but still they weren't full-width.

If you know how to display 9 full-width sprites in one line without having them in any way truncated, then you're definitely kickin' some asses.

Tho seeing how it's April 1st...

Oh, and Maali, you never cease to amaze me with your wit! :P
added on the 2015-04-01 22:13:35 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
Also crossbow's 9 sprite trick was pretty unreliable iirc, the position of the 9th sprite is not always the same across all c64s.
is that sprite trick really that hard? i dunno how fast a c64 is tho. i know the gba. wild guess is if you're fast enough you can override the first at the end of the line before the rasterizer takes that bits for display? is that it? it's neat trick tho. :)
added on the 2015-04-02 03:44:25 by yumeji yumeji
@yumeji: its not a matter of cpu speed.

VICII only reads sprite gfx once per line. Once the shift register run out of gfx data it will remain empty, the timing of when gfx data is loaded is fixed and happens only once. No gfx is there to display even if you multiplex a sprite horizontally.

What Crossbow did is this: some sprite's data is read on the right border of the screen 1 line before it gets displayed.

line 1: sprite gfx data read on right edge
line 2: display sprite, on right edge data is read again, you can redisplay the sprite after that

this also explains why only every 2nd line.
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Gargaj: You have the intro under 64k before the party? MADNESS!
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Spolier for my revision 8k :)
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coding while sofascening revision...

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Igor, really tasty! yumyum ^
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coding while sofascening revision...

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added on the 2015-04-05 05:50:49 by Salinga Salinga
Some images of work in progress for

Wanted to do some character design and animations in 64k.
The first attempts were a bit underwhelming :-)

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BB Image
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lovely, cryptic :) looking forward to more awesome stuff from you guys!
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