Any good books for Javascript data structures?

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All the books I can find round THIS way are for C and C++ , and they will (naturally) use pointers.

I want to do it in Javascript which HAS no pointers.
So - does anyone know?

Some websites would do fine as well, but I'd really like the opinion of people here, NOT Google! :)

You mean you can't do references to objects with javascript? Pointers are just an implementation detail.

There are a lot of algorithm books using Java. My university course used this: http://www.amazon.com/Data-Structures-Algorithm-Analysis-Edition/dp/0132576279 (though it's probably not a very good book to start out with.
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Some websites would do fine as well, but I'd really like the opinion of people here, NOT Google! :)

Opinions on what exactly? This is mostly a language agnostic topic taught in first or seconds semester CS courses. Any "algorithms and data structures" book should be fine. Implementation details differ of course, but really, five seconds of google and you have what looks like a pretty long and decent article on the topic that should give you a nice overview how things work in JS.
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I'd say that data structures, as a topic, doesn't really exist in Javascript in the same way that it does for C, because most of the things you would want to build with pointers are already built into the language.

Queues, dequeues, stacks = arrays
Hash tables = objects

There are of course higher level structures like trees and graphs, but at that level you're not really thinking in pointers anyway. (If you're building a tree structure, you might make an assignment like node.parent = otherNode; in C you'd have to explicitly declare the type of 'node.parent' as a pointer to another node, but as Preacher says, that's just an implementation detail - in Javascript you're just making a reference to another object.)
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Thanks a lot for your input, Gasman, that's exactly the info I was looking for - what a coincidence, I was just checking out YOUR website, and I came back and found you had posted on Pouet :)
I think I have to study a bit more before I understand what you said up there, but still, thanks for saying it! :)

Hey - is there a video anywhere of the talk you gave on your JS Spectrum emulator?