286/386/486 Demoscene

category: general [glöplog]
cool, that would be really nice of you! we can compare the results to pcem .. Landmark 2.0 & 6.0 are available from TopBench page, Norton Sysinfo & CheckIt are interesting too, don't know if the run on 8088 .. found the Schneider OEM Msdos 3.3 image at Winworldpc homepage .. long time ago I really wanted to have an Euro PC, but never got one .. will try to do some prods for it, since it's a nice well defined system .. virtually I added an Adlib soundcard to the expansion slot ..
compared today PCem Schneider Euro PC with a result from topbench and some other 8088 machines for which you find some Landmark benchmarks in the internet .. seems that pcem v13 is about 25% faster than the real machines ..
I can do some tests too :)

cool .. hm with PCem Landmark 6 shows the same result for CPU speed, which is a very accurate result! .. but chr/s is about 1049 chr/s while your machine has only 700 chr/s .. is it anything about hercules and cga?
would be nice to see, if the benchmark results keep the same on different machines of the same type ..