RIP Paulo "Breakneck" Cadavez

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I have the saddest news for you today. Paulo Cadavez, aka Breakneck, aka brainpower^tda, has chosen to end his life. I knew him since we were teenagers and this is quite a shock.

He is responsible for bringing me, but also ps, to the scene. A friend, but also a true artist. Barn, from 2005, got a scene.org award nomination and it was the only portuguese production ever to be nominated.

He will be missed by his friends and family. It's impossible to describe my feelings right now...

Paulo, até sempre.
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Oh noes! Condolences to everyone who knew him.

Suicides like this beyond coders happen way to often. Not only on pouet. I see this in the meatspace as well. I feel a bit dirty to plug a web-site here, but I think it is relevant: Please guys, bookmark the Blue Hackers. If times get though, get in contact with them. They might be able to talk you out of doing something stupid or give you advice when you need it.


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Not knowing him, but it still makes me sad that somebody thought he's that alone, and that deep in trouble to see this as an actual way of solving their problem.

You're never alone, even after this far too long winter there will be summer - and there's always someone you can talk to, even if you think there isn't. Don't take the shitty chicken route, let's talk over a beer.

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This feels....I really have no words for this. We went together to a few parties and had a blast in our long trips. Before going to my first breakpoint 2k8 we stay up all night coding and making graphics for a demo. We had a great time.

Paulo, agradeço-te por todos os momentos felizes que partilhamos juntos na pequena scene portuguesa.

Paulo, I thank you for all the happy moments we had together in our small community of Portuguese sceners.

Rest in peace.
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Não cheguei a conhecê-lo, mas que ele descanse em paz. Pode ter ído, mas seu nome em alguns ficou, nos que o amavam.
I never got to meet him, but he rest in peace. May be gone, but his name is kept on some, some who loved him.
Rest In Peace. :(
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wtf! for real?
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Descanse em paz.
Oh man, I've just known about it and makes me feel very sad :( I met him some years ago when .pt scene last came to Euskal. Not a talkative guy actually but I had never a bad word from him. We used to cross lines through IM where he showed me some projects he was working on. I was worried sometimes for him but I neved expected this to be this way...

Please stop this, it's no good for anybody :(

May you rest in peace, Paulo.
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Life is tough and every day is a battle for inner balance and a semblance of peace. I hope he found peace in his own way.

I never knew him but I watched Barn and it's a beautiful demo. His legacy will live on through us and demos.

Rest in peace.
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May his memory be a blessing.
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This kind of news really saddens me... I have been passing through depression for a long time and I am not always feeling good with myself, with my life experiences... But I have noticed through the years how moral values can provoke depression in someone and I have been trying to break all of it, because I realized life will not satisfy any of the expectations stablished by it.

If you ever feel you need someone to talk, just do it. Don't be ashamed about it. We are always in need of someone else.

E eu te desejo forças, jeenio. Acontecimentos como esses realmente abalam qualquer um.

Descanse em paz, Paulo!
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RIP, Paulo.
rust in vrede!
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What a shame :( Although I never met him personally, his demos were genuinely some of the freshest around.
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It's a tragedy... I've lost my closest friend. Worst of all, he was completely out of reality when it took that decision.... He never tough end up his live even when he was completely down....

I'll miss our chats, calls, concerts, lunches... everything

RIP Paulo \o
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Very sad to hear this...

Just a few days ago he sent me a message about how well his new demo was coming along.

damn :( sorry guys.
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my condolences.

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hi fellow sceners, long time no seen
and I come back here to post too about... this...
I'm totally wasted by this, we used to have lunch (university 5min from his house) and I never ever saw it coming, as dustEffect said he never ever had plans to go so far
Instead he was going to meet some sceners this week end and even had a meeting with another scener in 3 days.
I'm sad, really really sad... wtf!
R.I.P. "niggah" !
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