Two-face Adok: an open reply to his blogpost

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what ready2die said. bunch of cowards. bashing adok is so 2003.
That coming from the one thumbing down demos because you didn't like the music. Like, everywhere. Let's all just get a cup of clue.

But also what maali and las said. This is pouet, not the scene. It's bashtime!
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Look - a llama sausage!
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ready2die: did you have the chance to look on adok's posts/threads/comments??

I think ready2die(????) should introduce himself to search and then read rather than make idle threats.
Just a thought.
added on the 2013-06-06 23:30:35 by ringofyre ringofyre
Out of the blog entry by Adok:

Unser Verhältnis ist etwas gespannt, seit ich vor vielen Jahren in der von mir damals herausgegebenen Demoszene-Zeitschrift einen Artikel brachte, der einige Details aus seinem Privatleben enthielt, worüber er nicht erfreut war (es war aber keineswegs die Intention dieses Artikels, ihn zu diskreditieren).

Well, even you didn't write about him with any negative intention:
Would you be happy if someone dug in your private life and then distributes the information somewhere?! I seriously won't.

Your whole article doesn't give any information, any reasons, any facts why you believe the demoscene people are "not that intelligent". It's just a try to make readers judge about a group of persons because you had trouble with a few of them and to have a reason to state, once again, that you are in mensa and more intelligent than someone.
You know, as a member of whatever kind of group of people, i would be ashamed of someone out of this group factless judging about anyone.
Being intelligent is one thing (i won't talk about different factors defining intelligence now), but that's not something you earned yourself, at least not completely. Another thing is to use the intelligence somewhere and that's the point some of the dumbest people i know are doing better than you, in my oppinion.
Just as an advice: Use your intelligence to write something that actually contains informations or is useful to someone and not to write blog entries which are aiming to provoke and have the informative content of a slice of toast, just to state again and again that you have the edge over someone.

(About that discussion ready2die is involved: I consider that as a troll joke. It's nearly impossible to inflame a drama that way and has the most stupid arguments i nearly ever read here ^^)
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I'd rather be in the demoscene than in Mensa.
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Could we just collectively let this whole thing go at this point? Fighting monsters only works until you don't become one of them.
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One more thing…

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also, who would read adok's blog anyway? :P
Maali: magic?
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WAIT. that means he pissed off his only reader? oops. :D
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gargaj has leading
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