4444 Glöpz!

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i just hit the 4444 glöpz, as the Title said already, by thumbing up some Preview of a OneFiler i coded in 1993, that never should have seen the Scene!(more about that later!)

I missed to party my 4096th Glöp (except having said so on the oneliner!), being a 4k-coder mainly these days this number "4" means a lot to me, it´s even divided by my favourite number, which is "2", the number "2", which is my favourite number! :) -> CoderFun! ;)

If you still read, this is a Statement!
I came here 6 Years 11 Months and 1 Day ago to get the BigTroll i am by now! ;)
To be seen here: Pouet Userlist Top 25 Glöps
Also to be seen on the Userlist is, that i am on place 25 glöpswise, only topped by glöps and earlier entry-date by Queen Bittin himself ;) another Troll! ( places 15th, 6y 10m 8d )
I reside there for about 2+ years already.

I used this Site before already a lot, but i always considered it to be "some french Demoscene-Website with nice layout providing links to some prods", thinking the real place to go is "scene.org", where i found everything else i searched for! ;)

Once i got to realize pouet is the place to be i made an acc immediately, but being a complete lamer PC-wise i decided to troll a bit...which grew over time...the Troll! ;)
I knew i could get some demo done easily to change everyones attitude towards me after having seen it...but to be honest, i still didnt get the demo done i always wanted to do, same Lamer as in the next Paragraph! ;)

Now a byte about my past (c64):
I have always wanted to get a scener since i saw the first cracktros (Eagle Soft etc.) on my cousins c-64 in 1985...got my own c64 first at age of 10 (1988) but had done my first BasicDemos already on my cousins machine at that time! (he lived in a flat just above my flat! ;) Sadly i was way too young to get sth done that was releasable on c64, never really got into assembler, altho i read all the tutorials (MagicDisc64, 64´er-Magazine, etc.), but i just missed the knowledge at that age! (School in Germany sucks!)

Amiga 500:
At age of 12 i finally got my first Amiga (500) and luckily found some SkaterFriend in front of his Amiga while coding, when i originally wanted to ask him to go out to make some Grafitty (just had "bought" some fresh cans! ;), immediately asked him to teach me assembler, he copied me some DataBecker-Book about AMIGA-Assembly and so i had my first CopperBars done the same Day! ;)
We started our own Group named XYZ, only to never release something for some months, then joined SaVaGe...a group past it´s heydays...they had released some nice screens in the early days of Amiga, to some of you their "Freedom Crack"-Diskmag should be known for sure! Savage had quite some good members, many good coders aswell, which most other groups lacked, but the longer we tried to get a release done the more clearly it got to us: there must be some sort of curse on SVG, we just couldnt do it! After years me and some others decided to leave Savage and try sth new, it was the end of 1993!
There was a new group forming at the same time, i think we joined Vision first, then the new group, but i could be mixing up times completely here right now! too long ago! In the end for sure we all landed together, newly formed Group named "Bonzai"...i then fastly put sth together to show off we exist at all! -> Bonzai Bros. - The Announce

Here is where it all links for today, my 4444th Glöp, i put it on the very first prod, release-date-wise, that i could find on pouet today, a PreView of the "Announce"-Intro, which i only sent to some few people when i was still in Savage! It has almost everything the BB-Announce had, except the good music and a Logo, my Skater-friend having teached me to code pixelled! (name was PVC!) In the AnnounceTro you see my Lameness, i simply copied his logo with different Letters ;) I also copied/ripped large parts of the Vector-Routine off some code i had from someone else! LAMER!

I coded a lot of more stuff afterwards, without ripped routines tho, most of these Demos are by me:
Bonzai Bros Demography

At some point members of Bonzai Bros started to get DoubleMembers, joined other, bigger, more known Groups beneath BB. Bonzai Bros was planned to be a Group of many talented people, but most of them didnt join in the end and went to other groups instead, even before we released the AnnounceTro. So i was the only coder in BB, trying to get us somewhere! ;)
So did I then, i got many offers over the time, joined DualCrew-Shining and Scoopex in the end. Sadly i never got a release done for both of em Groups. Me having been member is sth that other people can approve tho! ;) Even Diskmags state it, just 2 Days ago, i read D.I.S.C. #09, where i left Bonzai Bros after its death to join Concept (never before heard of that group!), while in the same sentence having left for Nuance! If you look under Nuance it states i joined Nuance (which i cant remember ever having joined, having asked Raven/Nuance 2 days ago about it, he cant aswell!) only to leave for Dual Crew-Shining immediately! I have been in DCS as said, so atleast the mag is true about the final lasting of me!

I lost my Job, my Flat, got homeless and even lost my Amiga 1200 including Harddisk full of codes to it! This lasted 6 years!

It took me long to get some PC assembled worth starting it up at all! It took me another 2-3 years to finally get some Internet! But from there i started to make up for all my regrets about having been such a lamer in the 90s! ;)

2007 i visited my first Demoparty in the new Millenium, Evoke ofcourse! released a crappy werkkzeug-Demo there! But was for fun, partying the old times with leftovers still active from Savage/BonzaiBros! There i met gopher, had like half a conversation with him while getting way too drunk, then

2008 followed, me trying myself on PC, "coding" first effects! ;)
Then there came the NVision-Deal: Get a DemoBox(CPU, Ram, GFX-Card, all close to topnotch!) for free if you deliver a Production to the DemoParty! I knew i could do it easily, applied, got the box on my second Demoparty in the 2000s, Breakpoint 2008 (what a blast! loved it!), then coded my first 4k ever in my life and this is what i did since:

NVScene 08 4k Compo 11th place
(11 = two times 1 is 2, or even 1+1=2 -> my favourite number again! Thanks for all again, everyone involved having kickstarted me this way! :) ;) :p )

1st place 4k Intro tUM 2008


(hard to spot maybe, but most of the 4ks and the Textmode-Stuff >= 11 prods)

all in all i had around 5 1st places and 5 2nd places aswell. :)

Now, whats all that ego-shit about?
I tried to stay away from pouet for some months now! But i cant! I exactly know where the scene is to be found and it´s just a click away! ;)

So in order to try to atleast give you a hint if i am trolling or not, i today coded some Unicode-Typer, letting me type while the prog converts it into unicode at realtime ofcoz! (while typing!)
I cant resist to troll where i can, so atleast you from now ɥøu κηøω ωhεη ηøէ էø ɾεαժ, fair?!

ɢɾεεէiηɢƶ, ɥøuɾƶ ɾεƶiժuε,

hαηƶ ϻεiƶøɾ / hεiηƶeւϻäηηϲh0ɾη
wall of text because of glöp count?
added on the 2014-02-04 16:44:42 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
who cares about decent trolling? ^^ good thing you aren't homeless anymore :) okay, your text passed 5k (!) but I guess in your next intro you'll do better ;)
hes specialising on 8ks now, stupid
added on the 2014-02-04 16:56:29 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
damn, I must have seen this coming :D
hes specialising on 8ks now

(while i still think i could get this whole thing in under 4k somehow! maybe i´d need to work with virgill side-at-side tho!)
welcome to the top 25 pouet users elite club.
your personal POUET EXTRA GOLD PLUS ENTERPRISE SUPER ACCOUNT is currently in processing and will be shipped soon.
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2 ɥεαɾs+ ւαէεɾ! ;)
Congrats on your glöpz!
Nice to see you don't use capslock anymore...
Wait, unicode is the new capslock?
added on the 2014-02-04 18:14:19 by baah baah
That reminds me how I freaked out with 1024 back in time :P
added on the 2014-02-04 20:16:44 by Optimus Optimus
hardy :)
added on the 2014-02-04 20:24:58 by Sir Sir
hArDy: Please do me a favor, don't ever become like Adok ;) If that should be the case, i'd have to start posting applause.gif replies. I won't, for now :P
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