Any Grumpy Old Bastards here?

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Hey Ringo, my fiancee is a doctor and currently specialising in this field. What exactly would you like to know?
Bypass operations have been a routine procedure for 30 years. The avarage risk of dying from the operation is 3 %, but that lowers if your are male, rather young and have no diabetes nor renal insufficiency nor COPD etc. 2-3 days after the operation there will probably be new atrial fibrillation (30 % risk), but you'll still be in the hospital anyway, so that will be treated. When asked after 5 years, 83 % of patients are totally symptom-free.
I can scan you the pages of our cardiology book here but it's in German, so I don't know if that helps. ;)
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@keito - Good to hear! I'm not aiming to win any marathons soon tho ;]

@novel - thanks - I think you've actually answered everything I needed (I'm not diabetic and all my bloodwork looks remarkably good for someone in my position - fat, 40's and bald!). I do have a wheeze and as I said I'm a recent ex (but moderate) smoker...
But thank you, again.
@Photon - indeed. I'm a chilli lover. I just don't enjoy the second burn! ;]

@Adok. - No.
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@chromag - I thought I'd take a moment to answer.
I don't judge Adok's medical skills at all - the only way I "know" him is through his posts on here and I follow him on fb.
For that I do judge him. Repeatedly, from my point of view he has shown himself to be a person who is not only shows little caring or compassion for others but he also hides his hubris, nationalism and prejudices behind a veneer of liberalism and pompous self-worth.
This is a guy who regularly arrogantly spouts life advice to other users yet is in his 30's, still lives at home with his parents (having never moved out) and apart from spending most of his time studying has only recently started his first "proper job".
Of course I'm talking about many posts over a number of years - if I could be arsed I'd dig some up as citation. But I can't.
I am extrapolating about his medical prowess I suppose but given his credentials and attitude here you'll forgive me if I seek my anecdotal advice elsewhere, both novel's and introspecs posts have been helpful, informative and encouraging - yet neither of them felt the need to bring Judaism into the discussion... Even if distance wasn't an issue I think I'll stick to my GP whom I've known since we were both in highshcool and my cardiologist who along with her resident and registrar took excellent care of me when I found myself in hospital recently.

Oh and I too have been a member of Mensa. I think this is probably the first time I've ever mentioned it.
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I came here looking for some anecdotal advice, either 1st hand (or in intospec's case 2nd hand). That's exactly what I got.

We knew you wouldn't come on pouët for demos... :(

Good luck with surgery though (if surgery you need)!
And for an advice: less computer ( => less pouët irrelevant posts :p ) & more sport!
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Thanks baah! Touch wood that I don't.
I walk the dog for about 1/2 an hr. most mornings and I do a 5-6km dog walk with a mate of mine 3 days a week and I do 15 min of yoga every morning (salute to the sun) and I coach my daughter's soccer team. I'm not exactly unfit.
@novel - I do have a couple of questions for your fiancee if that's ok.

My HDL and LDL levels are well within range but I do take lipids, same for my BP - well controlled with medication. My RHR is between 95-110. As I've said - I don't drink that much any longer, I exercise regularly and despite carrying maybe 10-15kg more than I should I eat mostly proteins and veg. My GP in the past has looked at my adrenal glands but an mri showed no growth or abnormality - so, high pulse rate; any ideas why?
Also, I've been given some nitrolingual spray for if I have chest pains. I maybe use it at most once a day but it gives me fucking nightmare level headaches. Paracetomal won't touch it and I really don't like taking codeine based meds - any *relatively* natural and not heavy drugs remedies?
Finally, I had a Myocardial Perfusion Scan this week. Any ideas what sort of dosage of radiation I'm looking at?
These are all questions I can ask my GP/cardiologist but sisnce I'm not seing either till next week - forewarned could be fore-armed. If your fiancee has the time and inclination I'll be happy with a couple of answers - Cheers!
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So... I asked, and hope to reproduce it right. ;)

The reason for your high pulse rate can be determined via a long term cardiogramme. If that shows a sine rythm, a heart insufficiency is probably the reason. The doc would suggest a betablocker (Nebivolol is suggested to younger men as it has the lowest side effect on your little friend) and Ivabradine.

Instead of the emergeny nitrolingual spray you can ask your doc about a medication therapy with ISDN 20 (morning, noon) and Molsidomin (in the evening). I can imagine that's also psychologically better then having to react on a sudden chest pain.

The radiation dosis of that scan is relatively low, at least not more than a usual CT. A radiation-free alternative, however, is a stress-echocardiography, that's with ultrasound while doing some exercise at the same time.
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Wow thanks novel - an absolute wealth of info. :)
Thank your fiancee profusely for me - buy them a nice cold beer (or whatever they like) on my behalf please.
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How about forgetting doctors. They are liars wanting to make money.

The physical heart is connected to the spiritual heart. I would search there.

Cheers :)
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A relative didn't take the operation because some family members expressed concerns about the risks, and also due to some thinking in the line of Gertrude's post.

He died a few months later while in his 50s.

Moral of the story: Do not fuck with medical advice.

About one month later, another relative, in a much worse condition, underwent the procedure. Three days later he was going like a king. Some people regretted their stupid advice even more after this.

Just to be clear: Do not fuck with medical advice.
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Thanks for the thought and sentiment Gertrude but I think I'll stick with the wonders of modern medicine for now.
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stay alive, get well and then make a demo. seriously :)

and what Debvgger said. it's fact that body and soul are connected but the heart is too important for spiritual stuff. you can have a look into yourself after getting well if you want. stay strong :)
Thanks for the encouraging and often very helpful words. With knowledge from novel's fiancee I'm off this morning to see my cardiologist and get the results of my MPS. Touch wood, cross your fingers... whatever - wish me luck.
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Just my 2 cents: I had some problems with my ticker as well recently, and after a series of examinations/scans/tests/whatsoever it turned out it's (I hope I translated it correctly) premature atrial contraction. On the holter test, I got around 6000 of these within 24h, which my doctor said is pretty OK, i.e. people with numbers below 10000 should -not- be given any medicines (especially beta-blockers). He explained me that beta-blockers has some effects one should be aware:
- they reduce the overall pulse of the heart, so the PACs decrease, but if the pulse is on a normal (healthy) level, it can lead to brain ischemia
- when one starts to take beta-blockers, it's very hard to discontinue their usage, he told me in most cases it leads to the worse condition than before treatment
- the dosage has to be increased over time
- in some rare cases, they may affect one's ring-ding-dong usefulness ;)

Summing it up - I'm absolutely NOT trying to say you to not take the medicines - just talk to your doc and he will make you sure if you need them (maybe you don't - just like me).

Good luck, man! :)
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Well... Tickers all good. Yay! Apparently I'm suffering from "esophageal spasms" which essentially means my esophagus sticks to itself. It is also quite painful and is also very similar in position and intensity to a heart attack.
But it's not a heart attack! Fuck yeah!

So now I'm back to the GP and looking at another endoscopy. Yay. :[

Thanks again to all for your input especially novel's fiancee. I'm kinda happy to say the I'd rather be seeing a gastroenterologist than a cardiologist anyday!
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good news! get well soon ringo
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\o/ :)
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Adok wanna be Jewelite ...
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ringo good news everyone!
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