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after our old team breaking out I am disappointing in the teamwork.
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I think the big question is how much control do you want to keep over the project / how confident you are in what you have yourself.

the trick is finding the right people you can work together with.
I was in a family group (B&B), then hometown group (Invaders8), then regional group (AnarchiA). Time passed and all the nearby people left the scene. So I joined NedoPC. But it's not a demogroup and none of my previous groups were.

I think writing quality software implies that everyone in the group wants exactly this: writing quality software. Not showing off themselves, not making just-for-fun stuff, not going trolling in the internets... Maybe I'm too naïve?
I think writing quality software implies that everyone in the group wants exactly this: writing quality software.

Almost: a group should have a common goal. It may be high quality or maybe just for fun stuff, but people should have the same motivation to do the things they do.
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Yes! At group where everyone was prone to procrastination, we never finished much. At least we didn't pushed each other. It was bliss! :)
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yes. socks! otherwise stay groupless!
Dear mr. Rez (or 1911, your choice), no I don't *have* to namedrop :) And that's a good thing because cracktro people attacked me with shanks twice after I exposed their baby seal clubbing activities a few years ago.
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rez: havoc could do so easily, but he´s unsure himself if all this shit he heard has any value at all! theres still so much (background-)war going on nowadays, its just fun to witness and nothing of it is more than some lamers bullshit! ;) so just dont care, you didnt miss anything important at all! ;)
Sometimes the problem is finding someone nearby geographically.
Here where I live we are scattered thin (the closest scener is like 50Km away).
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by Jae686:
(the closest scener is like 50Km away).
Certainly not intended to be a one-up, but I live about 350 km from two large towns with Sceners in them. Nothing else really in between, and nothing else much going the other way. Such is life, but while I do make the trip to one of them (even sometimes as a day trip*) for a hackerspace I visit there and such, but it's not something I can do very often nor stand to do often given the length of the drive. So working with someone else is more or less necessarily through the internet.

* Yes, it sucks to pay it out in gas/petrol costs.

In shorter, I guess I also agree with you. :)
Interesting thread.

I second havoc, having lived first-hand what he describes - apart from the vote-key and the financial contribution, all the rest fits perfectly - so no BS here.

In defence of group organizers, managing different people with different cultures in order to achieve group image and quality continuum is a difficult and tiresome task, often proned to deception, and not other way around.

In defence of old swappers, having survived different eras it is also difficult for the latter to adapt to/comprehend a changing scene where some founding values fade away, hence perceived strictness to reinforce what little is left of roots.

So don't join a legacy group with revolutionnary ideas, create one and if they come to recruit only some of you (the coders), tell them "it's either the whole group or nobody", or just "thanks but no thanks" (I know people who did this).

As everybody stated previously there is no resolute global solution to your questions but all brought you sensible responses nevertheless although experience shows it would seem illogical for you to actually take them into account.

I think Gargaj's first post was quite thorough and thereby hinted there is no need to rush.

For the most part, forgive yourself, forgive others, respect all and try to be happy is probably the best win imho.

just go to parties. become friends with people. talk about maybe doing shit together and if you do that more than once or whatever, it most likely will result in 'being in a group'.

being in the same 50km geo range with modernday ways of communication is no necessity, though, i agree it might be helpful for brainstorming, motivation, ping-ponging design and overall team spirit etc, but if it's not doable. it shouldnt be a huge problem to get shit done.
being in the same 50km geo range with modernday ways of communication is a necessity, though, because it might be helpful for drinking

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sjoerd: that's what i meant with 'team spirit' ;)
Maarten: I know, I figured I'd do the TL;DR version to save time (:
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if he's good at drinking, he can join sick dutch fucks!
then god invented the internet, and people could hang out on irc/icq/msn/gchat/skype/jabber all day and chat to get shit done. you just need to find people who share your vision and have enough free time to dedicate to it. mail the people you think might be interested in colaborating with you. if you have an interesting enough project idea they'll jump on it, else they wont.
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