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well, if scamp gets bored with it you have the same worst case. i had the same cheap host for 15 years without any problem for 2.50e/m, even free upgrading the GBs according to competitor standards. besides i am sure they tell you in advance when a hoster pulls the plug, so you can download all your crap before you move to the next.
Scamp, we need you! Still can't upload. "552 Disk full" error continues... :(

I wonder if Scamp is aware of this issue. Tried to contact him via email. No answer yet.

"The hoster is gone".
added on the 2019-08-31 17:04:09 by Gargaj Gargaj
well having stuff only online and no local backup has never been the best choice i guess.
still no answer :(
added on the 2019-09-02 20:36:40 by dipswitch dipswitch
Say after me:
"backups, backups, backups".
added on the 2019-09-03 09:33:29 by El Topo El Topo
added on the 2019-09-14 13:09:52 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
I bought a new server and bw wanted to rewrite the untergrund.net code and bring it to todays standards. Sadly that project never got completed.

To answer the questions here:

1.) No, I can not upgrade PHP on that system, sorry. It's a special PHP version that makes sure scripts are executed and jailed into the user accounts, which is not available for newer versions. That's a big chunk of our next-gen untergrund.net project - the whole hosting security needs to be redesigned.

2.) Yes, we've run out of disk space. The FTP part is 100% full, the HTTP part isn't.

The FTP is on a dedicated server. This is a problem that should be easier to solve than porting the whole system. I'll try to get a new storage server into the data center to replace the old one. At least we have a short-term fix for that problem then.
added on the 2019-09-14 15:14:03 by scamp scamp
Glad to see that a solution to the dreadful "552 Disk Full" error is coming! Many thanks! :]
added on the 2019-09-14 16:08:30 by ham ham
I've ordered the new storage server, should be installed by the end of next week.

And I've created a new plan on how we'll get the untergrund.net server itself ported to technology from this century something in October.
added on the 2019-09-14 19:07:30 by scamp scamp
thank you, scamp! :)
thx for reacting, scamp!
added on the 2019-09-15 19:35:29 by dipswitch dipswitch
Thanks for your awesome service! :)
added on the 2019-09-15 23:03:10 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
added on the 2019-09-16 17:42:31 by El Topo El Topo
Please note that tomorrow, Wednesday 18th, untergrund.net will be down between aprox. 21:00 and 0:00 CEST. This is due to the new storage server getting installed, and the files getting moved from the old one. This affects FTP and WWW, mail services won't be affected.
added on the 2019-09-17 21:35:24 by scamp scamp
Please note: The new storage server is now operational, all data is migrated.

Please someone test that uploading/downloading via FTP works fine and provide feedback.

Please note that storage space in your pubftp directory now is virtually unlimited. We still have space constraints in the pubhtml folder. So please put your large downloads to pubftp, as always has been the case.
added on the 2019-09-25 21:47:43 by scamp scamp
scamp: 21:56 CEST 2019-09-25 I uploaded a html-file to pubhtml (before reading this) and it went fine.
added on the 2019-09-25 22:06:56 by El Topo El Topo
Downloading by ftp works too.
added on the 2019-09-25 22:08:03 by El Topo El Topo
everything works fine! thank you :)
hugs & kisses, scamp ;)
added on the 2019-09-26 12:04:50 by raer raer
Atm it is not possible to access the ftp for uploading. The untergrund.net main page says "Host 'www.untergrund.net' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'"
Antwort: 331 User aquacord OK. Password required
Befehl: PASS *
Antwort: 530 Login authentication failed

I will not delete cfg-files this time. I promise. :)
added on the 2019-10-10 16:54:31 by aqu aqu
all untergrund.net sites are giving "500 internal server error" right now :/
added on the 2019-10-11 01:37:46 by dipswitch dipswitch
also, trying to login to the ftp gives "530 Login authentication failed"
added on the 2019-10-11 01:40:25 by dipswitch dipswitch
all untergrund.net sites are giving "500 internal server error" right now :/

Only those that use PHP.
added on the 2019-10-11 22:11:28 by El Topo El Topo
damnit :/

i need to present "got papers" at a workshop at suomen pelimuseo next week, really bad if it would still be offline by then.
added on the 2019-10-12 00:09:43 by dipswitch dipswitch