Dominators/Upfront/Trilogy Christmas Party 1989 results

26-30.12  X-Mas Party 89.
DUT89 was held at a school in Randers, Denmark, by Dominators (c64), Upfront
(c64) and Trilogy (amiga). It was a large success, and about 4-500 people
from all over Europe attended. Kefrens and Arcane held a Sprite competition.
More results from the competitions would be most welcome, especially amiga

· Information and 64results from note in Amok's "Sex'n'Crime #11" mag (c64)

64demo  1.  Bones.
        2.  Upfront.

other   Arcane "Filled Vectors" (amiga).
        Beyond Force "Party Demo" (amiga).
        Crionics "Pulsing" (amiga, party of "Megademo").
        Depredators "X-Mas" (amiga).
        Dexion "Megademo 2" (amiga).
        Direct "Dark Castle" (amiga).
        Dominators "Demo" (amiga).
        Fairlight "Ray Tracing" (amiga).
        Flash Production "Hit The Road" (amiga demo).
        IT "Vectorstuff" (amiga demo).
        Kefrens "Blue & Red" (amiga).
        Metallians "Metal Xmas" (amiga).
        Metallians "Running Free" (amiga).
        Piranhas "Intro" (amiga).
        Piranhas "Technique" (amiga).
        Rebels "Vectory" (amiga demo).
        The Silents & Dolphin "Europack #3" (amiga pack).
        The Silents "Pump Up The Jam" (amiga).
        The Silents "Slideshow Preview" (amiga).
        Wiz "Matrix First" (amiga).