Lowlife Party (Static Bytes & Light) 1991 results

27-29.09  Static Bytes and Light - Lowlife - Party.
Held at Nordre Skole in Silkeborg, Denmark by Quackbuster/Static Bytes,
Tuborg & Lunatic/Light and Lehmann Radio & TV. Prizes were 1st - 4000dkk,
2nd - 2000 dkk and 3rd prize 1000 dkk for the demo competition. Any graphics
and music competition results most welcome!

· All results and info from:
  - Party invitation demo by Static Bytes & Light.
  - Some demo releases on Bastards party pack.
  - Some demo releases on TEK "Weird Science #6" pack.

invit   Static Bytes & Light "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Kefrens "Guardian Dragon".
        4.  Direct "Vintertio".
        xx. Bastards "Cutter".
        xx. Deadlock "BBS Intro".
        xx. De Syrededes "Demo".
        xx. Gnu Design & Mirror "Party Scrollers".
        xx. Light "Techno Color".
        xx. Static Bytes "Delirium".
        xx. TEK "This Side Up".