Quartex Mayhem Silents Copy Party 1990 results

07-08.04  The Silents, Mayhem and Quartex Party 90.
Held in Newcastle, England.


Anarchy 					For Your Delectation & Delight	?

Anarchy						Vector Bobs 90    							Intro	
Cytax							Intro             							Intro	
Magnetic Fields		Copper Mosaic     							Intro	
Pendel Europa			Quartex Party Demo							Intro	

Magnetic Fields		Sound Atax Vol 3  							Musicdisk

Black Monks				Freak Out         							Demo	
Illusions					Speedball Demo    							Demo	
Magnetic Fields		Overdue           							Demo	
Mayhem						Another New Demo  							Demo	
Mayhem						Electro Fright II 							Demo	
Mayhem						HAM Scroll       							 	Demo	
Miracle						Headless 1990     							Demo	
Share And Enjoy		Wild Tremlo       							Demo	
Silents						Vector Bob        							Demo