NAID 1995 results

NAID '95 Results - by Phoenix[Hornet] (phoenix@hornet.org)

North American International Demoparty 1995, organized by Apraxia.
Held in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, April 15th - 16th, 1995.
About 500 people attended.

This is as complete as the results will get without torturing the organizers. :)
Thanks to Epeius, Trixter, Schizo (Visigoth), Mr. Khan, and others for help.
If you know anything else entered or released at this party, please e-mail me.

Prizes were given to the top 3 places voted for by a jury. Each competition
also had a "public choice" prize voted for by the audience.

Some of these entries can be found at:
Almost all of the entries are available on the NAIDorabilia CD. For info:

Last updated: 3/24/2001


 1. Opticron: Tome of the Impossible  Craw Productions
 2. Electric Gruyere                  Da Cheez Brigade
 3. Flight                            Kosmic
 4. Figment                           Night Vision
 5. Technon                           Core
 ?. Dark Purpose                      Surrounders
 ?. Eden                              Psychic Monks
 ?. Neurotoxin                        Sentience
 ?. Megademo                          DDD
10. Expression                        Threesome
11. Go Easter                         Verhot
 Public Choice: Electric Gruyere by DCB

100k Intros
 1. Less Is More                      The Humanoid
 2. Floppy Disk                       USED Crew
 3. High Pressure                     Us (Razmaid & The Specialist)
 4. White Heat                        Pure Resistance
 ?. Introchronophobia                 Sentience
 ?. Squishtro                         DDD
 ?. PiSSTRo!                          FuDD (Friar und DareDevil)
 Public Choice: Introchronophobia by Sentience
 Note: "Deadline" by Purple makes a reference to NAID95. But, they were just
       inspired by the compo rules to make a 100k intro. They did not enter
       it (they're in Denmark!) or even release it there (to my knowledge).

 1. Ascent of the Cloud Eagle         Necros/FM/LD/Psychic Monks
 2. Hitchhiking Reticulan             Maelcum & IQ/Kosmic
 3. Can't Fake the Funk               Basehead/FM/Kosmic
 4. Tears                             Mosaic/Renaissance
 5. Modern Society                    C.C.Catch/Renaissance
 ?. Indy 622                          Mat/Surrounders
 ?. Ackoo                             The Hornet
 ?. Afrochip                          Island of Reil/Epinicion
 ?. Amplified                         Theolius/Razmaid
 ?. Anticipation                      Sirrus/Bass Productions
 ?. Intensity                         Chromatic Dragon/Bass Productions
 ?. Bizarre Dub Triangle              Rush/Bodies in Motion
 ?. The Odyssey                       Benoit Charland
 ?. So Soft                           b0b/Mazurka
 ?. Catch It                          Mayhem/Mazurka
 ?. Drink Your Puke                   Vip/DCB
 ?. Mindwave                          Draygen/Pure Resistance
 ?. The Evil Lord Part II             The Zapper!/Force Ten
 ?. The Fanatic                       Dynamic Harmony/Mazurka
 ?. Sunset Flight                     Miss Saigon/Threesome
 ?. Fury                              Floss/Kosmic
 ?. Heaven's Calling                  GraveDigger/Defiance+Hornet
 ?. Inferno                           Soundwave/Astek
 ?. Inherent                          Parallax/Surrounders
 ?. Inner Strength                    Laserlore/Anasthasia
 ?. Dream Sequence II                 Lloyd Yoon & Bryan Wagner/CM&G
 ?. A Mid-Summer Night                Music Man/Surrounders
 ?. Scales Intermezzo                 Group 32
 ?. Fondle My Naids                   Mental Floss/Kosmic
 ?. Night Adventure                   Warp/Surrounders
 ?. Troubled Obsession                The Duellist/Force Ten
 ?. Joyeuse Paques                    Deeyo/Atrox
 ?. Potential                         Kinetik/Qevo
 ?. Dreamed Presence                  Vizz/Force Ten
 ?. Continuity                        Perisoft/Defiance
 ?. Tribal Quest                      The Earth Gazer/Mazurka
 ?. Vertigo                           Leviathan & Nemesis/Renaissance
 ?. The Rainfall Downtown             Spud/CM&G
 ?. Echonomics                        Rhythm Greene/UUDW
 ?. The Runner                        Populus/Epinicion
 ?. Sad Times                         Serial Code
 ?. Scimitar                          Krystall/Kosmic
 ?. Somewhere in Time                 Replay/Dark
 ?. Shooting Star                     Freejack/Pure Resistance
 ?. Sub Rosa                          Digital Shock/Mazurka
 ?. Arthur's Mechanical Toys          The Crispy Messiah/UUDW
 ?. Skeezix at the Rave               Skeezix/Mazurka
 ?. Toccatta & Rave                   Ranger Rick/Defiance
 ?. Ultima                            Le Barman/Surrounders
 ?. Wrecked Fluff                     Mellow-D/FM
 ?. Wiggle Yo' Ass!                   Phoenix/Kosmic
 No Public Choice, because ALL the entries were played (the organizers did
 not expect so many), and most of the audience had left by the end! An award
 was given to 4th place instead.

 x. TRS-Bot                           Thunderstorm
 1. Spires of Aegis                   Schizosynth/Pure Resistance
 2. Stone Tears                       LakEEE/Craw Productions
 ?. Domination in C minor             Raskolnikov & Spud/CM&G
 Public Choice: Stone Tears by LakEEE/Craw Productions

 x.- Originally first place, but later disqualified since it was ripped.

Non-Competition Releases

    Calgary Music Disk by CM&G