Swedish Elite Easter Conference 1990 results

12-15.04  Swedish Elite Easter Conference. 
Held at a school in Gothenburg, Sweden by Fairlight (c64 and amiga), Horizon
(c64) and Miracle (amiga). 476 people attended, and there was an unusual
amount of foreigners at this party; people came from countries like norway,
great britain, germany, finland, holland and denmark. Facilities included a
food stall, video showing... Sadly, some party attendants misbehaved, and
after the party the school had several windows broken, a wall with a big
hole in it, and books had been thrown all around the place.
  Phenomena was tipped to win the amiga demo competition, but unfortunately
they didn't finish their demo on time. There were 27 contributions for the
demo competition. The rules were quite strict, for once: All entries had to
work on kickstart 1.2 and 1.3 with up to 8MB fast ram and Super Fat Agnus.
The demo competitions were shown on two tv screens, no bigscreen. Prices
were modest, a 14.4 modem for first price, 2mb ram for 2nd, extra diskdrive
for 3rd. C64 demo results severely wanted!

· Information and results from Robert Hed's party report in Digital #3/90.
· Information and additional from party report in Brainstorm's "Zine #5"
  diskmag (amiga).

invit   Fairlight^Horizon^Miracle "Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Scoopex "Mental Hangover".
        2.  Fairlight "Grunka".
        3.  Dual Crew "Competition".
        4.  Hypnosis "Vectorballs".
        5.  The Silents.
        xx. Dual Crew "Just For Fun".
        xx. Ecstasy "Bobs and Copper".
        xx. Ecstasy "Chicken".
        xx. Legion.
        xx. Phenomena "Blenk Vectors".
        xx. Rebels "C64 Demo".
        xx. Tommyknockers "Bob".

64demo  xx. Browbeat and Motion "Ingen Pant".
        xx. Oneway "Pappa Badger".
        xx. Panoramic Designs "Pixel Magic".
        xx. Royalty.

other   Horizon "Impossamole" (amiga crack+train).
        Ikari + Talent "Operation Thunderbolt" (c64 crack).
        Royalty "Dan Dare III" (c64 crack).
        Software of Sweden "$180 Demo" (amiga).
        The Lynx Crew "The Party Massacre" (amiga).

(taken from http://exotica.fix.no/info/scenery/online/1990.html )