TMDC 2015 results

 88Púúúú  ____  úd888Púúúúd888  ____  8Púúúúd8P  _____     _______ úúúúd888Púúú
 8Púú  __|    |___________  ___|    |_________  /     |   /       \ úúd888Púúúú
 Púúú |       |           \/   |    /        / /_     |  /   __   / úd888Púúúúd
 úúúú |__     |   .   .   /    |   /    ____/_  _|    |__>       < úd888Púúúúd8
 úúúd    |    '   |   |   \    '   \         / /        /   __    > 888Púúúúd88
 úúd888P |________|___|____\________\_______/ /________<         / d88Púúúúd888
 úd888Pú                                                \_______/ d88Púúúúd888P
 d888Púúúúd888Púúúúd888Púúúúd888Púúúúd888Púúúúd888Púúúúo         d88Púúúú/BuZ/ú
   /                                                                         /
  /                              R E S U L T S                              /

   Quebarium+Desire+Blocktronics - new.txtù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù [      . o8] 84.17
   Peisik - 2005ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù [       o8.] 80.83
   BITS - BITS5037ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù [o . .o    ] 29.17

   /                                                                         /
  /                             C O M M E N T S                             /
  ______                   ___________________________________________________
 /_____/ BITS - BITS5037 /___________________________________________________/
 ù I guess it's inevitable that BITS gets better over the years. I wish they
   got better faster, though.
 ù Nice spritework in there, along with some really nice text effects (white
   trail following fat text). For the rest, as usual, lack of dynamism and
   pretty random music makes it a bit dull.
 ù This is the best BITS production for textmode yet, and I'm utterly shocked
   to say that there are some nice (for BITS) effects in the demo, as well as
   nice images. The music is garbage, as always, but I was shocked to see the
   makings of what could have been a proper demo here.
 ù We are still waiting for the postcard's sun to show tongue.
 ù BITS must be on the longest streak of taking part in TMDC... :)
 ù It runs! (dosbox) Amazing to see .com files in use these days! Liked the
   holiday feel. And Keeeeys!!!! Another bit prod. Feels like aliens have
   placed secret signals in the music track..... Liked the text at the end
   of the prod (having text) 

  ______                ______________________________________________________
 /_____/ Peisik - 2005 /_____________________________________________________/
 ù Nice flow and atmosphere! Would have liked to see a bit more actual text 
   mode use though.
 ù Points lost for the terrible hacks and lack of compatibility, but points
   given for the glorious effort. As for the demo, great classic style, both
   in music and graphics.
 ù Solid oldskool effects! Solid oldskool music! Solid oldskool syncing to the
   music! A shame they had to remix Lizardking samples, but the music was still
   enjoyable. Colors could have been better.
 ù Cool way to tell your story!
 ù 10 years in the making, and feels very much like 1995 ;). Done in the spirit
   of the "megademo" with tracked music to boot. It started strong, stayed around
   the same, then tapered off suddenly. It didn't build to a mega effect climax
   in the end. Really enjoyed the spirit of this production.. Well done!

  ______                                          ____________________________
 /_____/ Quebarium+Desire+Blocktronics - new.txt /___________________________/
 ù Very nice. A bit "home grown" feeling a times, but still very nice. Some
   uses of text mode that I haven't seen before - some work better than others.
 ù Classic style, kindof refreshing. Strange to see super oldskool fx next to
   raytracing, could have pushed the CPU a bit harder ;) Always nice to see
   actual ANSI artwork :D
 ù Wonderful music and very strong effects, but the real winner is the art
   direction and the custom textmode animation routines (instead of using a
   generic conversion process like libcaca or textfx). Shows what you can do
   when you involve talented ANSI artists. The clear winner of TMDC 18.
 ù Nice package of classic effects.
 ù Very strong music in this production. Really liked the ribbons. Some effects
   were displayed longer than held the visual interest; but this feels like a 
   prod that takes its time. Nice greeting concept, and fun way to end it.  

  __________________________________________________________________      ____
 /_________________________________________________________________/ EoF /___/