Tribute 1994 results

.11  Tribute Party 94.
TRI94 was held at a large school in Gothenburg, Sweden for the c64 scene.
150 people attended, and came all the way from countries like norway,
denmark, germany, holland, hungary and poland! The place was arranged with
groups in classrooms, and competitions in the aula. Equipment for the
competitions were of a high standard; large screen and powerful stereo.
Despite it being promised in the invitation, there was no 24h cafeteria - it
was open from 10.00 to 22.00 only. A scene-equivalent of popular tv gameshow
jeopardy was arranged on the second day! :) In addition to the competitions
below, there was also a demo competition for 64's with REU's (expanded
memory), but only one demo (by Fairlight) was delivered. There were many
fakedemos in the competitions, and people were also disappointed at the
prizes for the competitions - first price for gfx and music was almost the
same as the entrance fee!
  It was held over an entire weekend (three days), but the exact date is
still uncertain...

╖ Information and results from party report in Reflex' "Insider #4" diskmag

64demo  1.  Byterapers Inc. "World of Code 3".
        2.  Oxyron "Lameness Rules".
        3.  War Deal Lamers "Lame Over".
        xx. Liquid "Very".
        xx. Plush "Energizer".
        xx. Triad.

64gfx   1.  Cruise/Taboo and Elysium.
        2.  Creeper/Antic.
        3.  Owen/Triad and Agony.
        xx. Andreas/Shape.
        xx. Bundy/WOW.
        xx. Cartoon/Vermes.
        xx. Dane/Triad.
        xx. Debris/Panic.
        xx. Fazee/Taboo.
        xx. Gum and Pan/Alter.
        xx. Haakon/Shape.
        xx. Jim/Twice Effect.
        xx. Kring/IMN and Camelot.
        xx. Rob/Camelot.
        xx. Sinister/Extacy and Arcoss.
        xx. Stasi/Noice.
        xx. TMT/Wrath Design.
        xx. Trendt/IMN.
        xx. Tricom/Avantgarde.
        xx. While Coyote/Entropy and EQX.
        xx. ???/Camelot.
        xx. ??? (picturename: Snoopdoggydog).

64music 1.  EVS/20CC.
        2.  Danko/Censor.
        3.  Red Devil/Fairlight.
        xx. Adolf/Censor.
        xx. After8ty/Cult.
        xx. Artlace/Active.
        xx. Dane/Triad.
        xx. Dr. Zoom/Atlantis.
        xx. Fanta/Bass and Plush.
        xx. King Fisher/Triad.
        xx. Kjell/Blues Muz'
        xx. Kristian Rostoen and Glenn Runne Gallefoss.
        xx. Liket/Noice.
        xx. Maniac and Gum/Alter.
        xx. Matrix/Nordic Beat.
        xx. Mitch/Crest.
        xx. NTI/Entropy and AVT.
        xx. Shogoon/Taboo.
        xx. Slaygon/Censor.
        xx. Terric/Meta.
        xx. Twoflower/Triad.
        xx. Zyron/Antic.