High Coast Hack Winter 2016 results

Music compo (combined)

Equal number of votes, draw!

1. Composer: Naku
   Group: Los Pat Moritas (PVM)
   Name: Cara
   Format: sid

1. Composer: Menthos
   Group: NLS
   Name: Xmas Chip
   Format: Protracker

Graphics, OCS

1. Artist: Frost
   Name: Safir

2. Artist: zChris
   Name: Fat cat with a top hat

Graphics, theme was "Xmas Monster", max one hour, OCS

1. Artist: Menthos
   Name: Goblin

2. Artist: attle
   Name: Julmys

3. Artist: Browallia
   Name: Svamp

4. Artist: zChris
   Name: Happy Xmas from the Ski Monster

Graphics, 1bp cat, single line and max three minutes, OCS

1. Frost
2. Menthos
3. Ludde
4. zChris
5. Browallia
6. attle

Intro, mixed platforms

1. Composer: bure boys
   Name: Julkort
   Platform: Scratch (Raspberry Pi)

1. Composer: HCH union (compiled by Menthos)
   Name: Julkort
   Platform: Amiga OCS

Game compo: Tanks Furry (Amiga)

1. Menthos
2. Eric
3. Albin
4. Emil