Kindergarden 2000 results

29.9-1.10 Kindergarden 2000.
KG00 was held at Hellerud Videregående Skole in Oslo, Norway - the same
location as KG 6 and 7 - for the amiga only. Entrance fee was 200 NOK,
females for free. The 64k intro competition was merged into the demo
competition due to too few contestants.
  These results are based on 'early beta' results, with some additional
fixes by us. If anyone has final results, we'd appreciate it.

invit   Contraz (amiga).

demo    1.  Spaceballs "Smurphine - Another O.D."
        2.  Ephidrena "Pluss".
        3.  Regulus&Tjomp "Webi(u)fication".
        xx. Apathy "Epileptic".
        xx. Apathy "Monkey Business".
        xx. Apathy "Mooncity".
        xx. Void "Voy Voy".

4k      1.  Ephidrena "B0rst".
        2.  Baseballs "The ULTIMATE RubberVector".
        3.  Apathy "Blur".
        xx. Contraz "Comeback".

gfx     1.  Mermaid/Scoopex "Hendrix".

gfx 24bit
        1.  Arancia/Squirrels.

music   1.  Zixaq/Ephidrena.

gabber music
        1.  n/a

ascii   1.  Kure.

wild    1.  Creators "0ldsk00l" (c64).