Amega 1991 results

28-30.06  Amega Party.
Held in Porsgrunn, Norway by Cryptoburners, Fairlight, Dexion and Violence.
Often referred to as the 'Porsgrunn Party'. About 800-900 people attended.

· Results from a party report in Hack-Mag #6, expanded and improved by me.
· Additional results and information from these sources:
  - Releases from Cream "Porsgrunn pack 2" (disk 1 missing).
  - Releases from Vision "Violation Pack #53".

amdemo  1.  Tom Soft (Thomas Landsburg) "Virtual World".
        2.  Pure Metal Coders (PMC) "Alfa & Omega".
        3.  The Silents "Ice".
        4.  Andromeda "Decaying Paradise".
        5.  Spaceballs "Spasmolytic".
        6.  Anarchy "Inspiration Is None".
        xx. Accept "Party".
        xx. Andromeda "Heavy Metal Fighters".
        xx. Cream "World of Confusion".
        xx. Network "Awake on the Wildside".
        xx. Pure Metal Coders "BBS Intro".
        xx. Pure Metal Coders "Designer".
        xx. Shade "Empty Silence".
        xx. Triumph "Party Demo".
        xx. Vision "Radical".

gfx     1.  Viper/No Limits.
        2.  Color/Phenomena.
        3.  Wedge/Frantic.
        4.  Airbrush/Acme.
        5.  Minion/Grace.
        6.  Manta/X-Trade.
        7.  Scuba/X-Trade.
        8.  Bustman/Crusaders.
        9.  TMB Design/Euphoria.
        10. Pal/Razor 1911.

music   1.  Shorty/Network "Digital Expression".
        2.  Heatbeat/Rebels "Anette".
        3.  Perro/Frantic "Something #Samitet".
        4.  Walkman/Cryptoburners "Tja".
        5.  Jesper/Sanity "Whisper My Thoughts".

other   Addonic "Message Center" (amiga).
        Acme "Slideshow" (amiga).
        X-Trade "Slideshow" (amiga).