Horizon Easter Party 1991 results

C64 Demo

1	Anal Intruder by Beyond Force
2	The Legacy by Flash Incorporated
3	That's the Wave It Is by Panoramic Designs
4	Fitterull 3 by War Deal Lamers
5	McGottifant by Byteriders/Cosmos Designs
7	Mother Mooh by The Paranormal Federation
??	Armageddon III by X-Factor
??	Fitterull 2 by War Deal Lamers
??	Dunex 2 Years by Dunex
??	Freakout by The Freaks
??	Humanoid by Noice
??	Ruthless TV Preview by Ruthless
??	Crowcastle by Enigma

Productions released outside compos :
Anal Scanner by Beyond Force
Black Destiny 2 by Brutal
Dark Ages by Topaz Beerline
Destination II by Prosonix/Panoramic Designs
El Escaparate by Science 451
Emanuelle #02 by The Ancient Temple
Equal Minds by Deceit/The New Terminators
Farewell Demo by Censor Design
Golden Music Collection by Topaz Beerline
Goodbye by Level 11
RS Studios by Logic
Shaped Up by Shape Design
Up the Limits by Antic