Quartz Summer Conference 1992 results

08-09.08  Quartz Summer Conference.
Held in a large sports centre in Bridgewater, Somerset, England for the
amiga scene. First price in the demo competition was 150 pounds, with 50
each for the winners of gfx and music.

· Results and information from these sources:
  - Complete results and gfx, music from Quartz Party winners pack.
  - Party report and results from Majic12's Top Secret.
  - Quartz Party Invitation Demo.

invit   Quartz "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Paradroid/Anarchy "Deja Vu" (147).
        2.  Ranx/Quartz "Dynamic Illusions"  (108).
        3.  Majic Mushroom/Quartz "Divine Madness" (38).

gfx     1.  Elwood/Delicious Designs "Dead Beat" (256).
        2.  Fish/LSD "Hands" (96).
        3.  Scorch/Independent "Gore" (68).

music   1.  Snare/Quartz "Analysis" (51).
        2.  Bernard Sumner/LSD "Cry Baby" (43).
        3.  Fobia/Silents "Captivated" (36).

realtime demo
        xx. SJE (Independent) "Muli Demo" (Judged).

other   LSD "Grapevine #11" (amiga diskmag).
        Dual Crew "Messagebox #4" (amiga messagebox).