Bamiga Sector 1 and Warfalcons Party 1989 results

11-12.02  Bamiga Sector 1 and The Warfalcons party.
BS1 and WF was held in Fredericia, Denmark. About 250 people attended, of
which about 100 were on the Amiga, and a total of three were female :) As
you can see, the results I've gathered are quite sparse, so any help is
welcome! Don't know if the The Silents demo in the competition is "Viva The
Silents" or "Legal".

amdemo  1.  Dexion "Megademo".
        2.  The Silents Sweden.

other   Atomic Intelligence "Party Demo" (amiga).
        Atomic Team "Party Demo" (amiga).
        Beastie Boys "Sound System Demo" (amiga).
        Beastie Boys "Bamiga Sector 1 and Warfalcons Copy-Party" (ami pack).
        Rebels "On Wheels of Steel" (amiga).
        The Silents "Legal" (amiga demo).
        The Silents "Viva The Silents" (amiga demo).