International Vodka Party 2006 results

International Vodka Party 2006 (that was a 3rd edition) took a place 
in Poland, in Krakow city. Organized by YERZMYEY/H-PRG^AY_R.

It was a ZX SPECTRUM party although with a presence of ATARI XL/XE
computers and presentations.

Guests came from following countries: Poland, Czech, England.

There were 2 compos: 
4 channels MOD compo for ZX Spectrum with General-Sound card
Idiotic Demo compo (for the most stupid ZX demo :) ).

WWW site: http://factor6.ic.cz/ivp/

*****THE RESULTS*****

MOD Compo:

1. Drink Vodka or Eat Mrtka z Krtka (FACTOR6 / AY_R) - 102
2. Old-School Rave Part 2 (YERZMYEY / H-PRG^AY_R)- 98
3. Molition Day - 84 (TDM / AY_R)

Idiotic  Demo Compo:

1. Shock (EQUINOX) - 99
2. Vodkemon (GASMAN, MISTER BEEP, EXIN) - 98

Out of compo
RotoZlow (ICABOD) - the production for Idiotic Demo Compo came too late. :( WE ALL REGRET IT!


Instruction of using ZX Spectrum's "Y-PLAYER" of MODs.

Hmmm. Pretty simple: use mouse. To reread disk move mouse into right side of a screen (a MENU will appeare) and chose required option. 
To load MOD click on the file with *.C extention (rest of files will load automatically). 
To PLAY/STOP use menu on the right side of the screen.

If You use an emulator, use some that has GENERAL SOUND card emulation.