Anarchy Easter Party 1991 results

29-31.03  Anarchy Easter Party 91.
Held at Oppeby-Skolan in Nykoping (Motala), Sweden for the Amiga scene.
Although some considered party as a big bore, I think that they were
quite GOOD...! There was a pizzeria and a shop quite near the school...
the shop ran out of Coke and the pizzeria out of pizza material after
a couple of days of partying (cool!). Boozing was not allowed so there
was no special trouble at the party about it... although the megamighty
Bloodsuckers and Accession didn't care about that... they put up some
nice acts like burning Sweden's flag and wiping it to their asses &
taking some McDonald's BIG flags with them... the only serious problem
during the party was that some guy (who was identified as some Aurora
sysop) set some firecrackers on fire inside the school and the fire
alarm went on. The fireworx and the police came and the party was going
to stop unless the guilty one would show up. Anyway he showed up and
the party went on, and I'm not sure whether the Aurora guy got anything
to pay... Phenomena's first place entry in the demo competition won 6000SKR.
Music competition entries had to be delivered as executable files, and there
was no graphics competition held. Complete music results anyone?
-- info by Zeg!

· Info gathered from:
     - party results from Complex "Maggy issue #9".
     - Anarchy party packdisk 1-6

invit   Anarchy "Party Invitation Demo".

amdemo  1.  Phenomena "Enigma".
        2.  Shining "Vector Exterminator"
        3.  Cryptoburners "Party Invitation Demo"
        4.  D-Mob "Animation Demo"
        5.  Rebels "Our Definition of a BoomBastic Style".
        xx. Alice "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Alive "Flyskrekk".
        xx. Avatars "Around The Clock".
        xx. Blitz "Just A Dream".
        xx. Booze Brothers "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Chrome "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Demotelevision "Born Demo".
        xx. Disknet "Megaintro -Multi Fart-".
        xx. Drakpak "Demo".
        xx. Mean Machine "Visual Impressions".
        xx. Moss Team "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Multum "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Noxious "Intro".
        xx. Opal "Demo".
        xx. Relax "Political".
        xx. Symbiosis "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Tribe "Dee Gunde".
        xx. Visual Imp. "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Voice "Morbus Gravis".
        xx. Wizzcat "Instant Delivery BBStro".
        xx. Wizzcat "Swedish Section Born".

music   1.  Captain/Image "Space Debris".
        xx. Bruno/?.
        xx. Tip & Firefox/Phenomena.

other   Acme "Reflection of Perfection" (amiga slideshow).
        Razor "Party Slideshow" (amiga slideshow).
        Wizzcat "Message Box" (amiga).