Little Computer People 2000 results


Here's a little temporary release of (all of?) the c64 lcp2000 compo entrys.
I will look a little closer at this tomorrow to check if I did this correctly,
and then I will also put it up on the official lcp2000 webpage. Perhaps with
a little comments and stuff.

The results of the compos were like this:

1. Clone/Wrath Designs (c64 & amiga) 
2. Vodka/Fairlight (c64 & gbc)
3. Prof/Comic Bakery (amiga)

1. Goto8o/HT (c64)
2. Zyron/Oxsid planetary/f4cg (c64)
3. Chavez/Funktion (amiga)


No single winner was selected, and instead the jury decided to give three 
demos the status "winners". They were (in no special order):

"26kg" by triad (c64)
"Baloon or die" by Civitas (c64) (a partyscroller is missing on this disk. I will check it out..)
"AGO (realtime)" by Gobuzov (gbc)

Also, I want to send an apology to siders for not playing their vic20-tune in the
compo. (note: Ni skulle ha sagt till oss!?) We was a little busy while the compo
and messed that up. Sorry again...

If anybody took lotsa photos and stuff on the party, then send them to me (jpg,gif)
and I'll put 'em up on the site too. 

And last of all...
Vodka/fairlight's GBC got stolen, or is at least missing, during the sunday morning on
lcp. If anybody knows anything about this in any way, contact frantik. (email-addy can
be found on http://www.lcp2000.c64.org) Except for this incident I believe the party
turned out to be a really great event. Hope all of you dudes liked it too! Perhaps I'll
arrange another LCP one day. If you were there, don't hesitate to let me know how you 
felt about the party.

frantik/hack'n trade