k-wak by K-rad Productions & The Dennis Courtney 5

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                   k-rad productions vs. dennis courtney five 


                          a pilgrimage democompo entry

			       august 9, 2003

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--/ introduction:
	this is the party version. release version coming soon!

--/ requirements:
	- opengl
	- geforce3 or later

--/ credits:
	graphics:      phoenix
	music:         basehead
	code:          gonzo
	direction:     tfinn, basehead, gonzo

--/ supa greets:
	dennisc aka the godfather

--/ greets:	
	shadowh							lord pegasus (!)
	leviathan						mild
	draggy							majesty
	gd							sylphin	
	sgtruck							coplan	
	virt							zsazs
	cd							dr
	ior							diablo
	md (kschzt)						c.c.catch
	mr lassi nikko						kwak livejournal group
	k8to							ps
	#trax hangers-on					alkama
	melwyn							the monkey man	
	howler							uncle-x	
	xxx							kb	
	yoda							rb	
	all fly honeys in the 860				all our homies in east hartford
	lucy R.I.P. =~(				    		gup pup raz
	cheeky chappy from banzai       			charlie poodle-killer
	hornet + fusecon crew           			otis
	daddy warbucks mccann           			Mono, hondafan, sidysm and midisax for zero day
	kjh-to-animix.txt               			two hour commutes
	scruffles                       			somer, for not recruiting
	naid organizers						trax fiancees
	work for tapes						jasinski
	fluxx							diamond
	yoyo							ct dot
	foley, van dam et al					ni, novation, prosoniq, waves, virsyn
	noisemaster perlin					unemployed programmers productions
	the gonzo pen drive				
--/ antigreets:
	dubya							gray 'the guvnah 'davis
	bride of ashcroft					SLC str8 edge xFoRLiFex
	tina the war orphan             			cotto aka the jailer
	kamal jaffrey                   			maple security's fat kid
	great wall of prostitution				the vizta3d crew
	ill eaglez						fishhead
	prohibition						womens suffrage
	TCOJCOLDS						flathead ceo
	boston superboss					first and last service
	anthrax city, CT					nvidia marketing
	yuppie landlords					paul 'high-end RDRAM' erlandson
	steinberg programmers					the speedy production staff at carillon USA
	usleep? me no sleep

--/ contact:	
	president 'at' whitehouse dot gov
	irc.scene.org #trax
--/ commandline options:
	/w windowed
	/g simpler version for slower cards

--/ pleads:
	coder needs a job, contact me at tom.germano@snet.net

--/ coder props to:
	Firelight (fmod, also arse)
	Prophecy Folks
	Rich Geldreich (jpgd)				
	J.E. Hoffmann (lib3ds)
	Glenn Randers-Pehrson (libpng)

--/ haiku:

					east hartford squalor
				a beacon of light shines true
					  cool zebra cafe

						  - Tom-Xi Chun c. 1263 AD

--/ farewell: