Air by Xes

                      x e s    (air)

		an abduction'96 intro or sumthing (3rd place).

this intro: sucks badly.
            sucks more on pentiums (reaaaally slow. runs fine with 486-66)

            i could fix this a lot, but not interested.. we got 3rd place 
            at the compo.  I do not like this production at all. it really	
            is far too ugly. may be something better next time. blah. blah.

d-mon&pallo	code
Smuumi		Gfx
dune		music
asmu            player
tran            pmode

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Porkkana;             d-Mon;
Petri Pyy             Janne Hietam„ki
Tornitie 21           Kajaanintie 389
85500 NIVALA          85410 SIEVI
Finland		      Finland

if you put this file to a CD-ROM you must send us a couple of those. ok?

ja vitut. nii ja hiddenpartti vie nelj„sosan introsta. keu keu.