mono by Lost

                                   m  o  n  o

                                  b y  L o s t

                             perle, perle kom hid,
                           sno dig om snoren så blid;
                             oh, jeg ser dig vugge,
                          bukke og bukke i det smukke

                3D biCloAcidus · Fast TextureMapping · TimeJump

                      RealTime ColorMorph · BitmapEffects

                            TriLinear Antialiasing


                            presented in SpeedColor


                         Dieffel - code · music · ideas

                           Dexo - graphic · 3D meshes

Welcome to 'mono', the united SpeedColor MultiEffect experiment

of colors and motions,

This is for your eyes, ears and mind ;

If you need to get in contact with Dieffel for a little chat about code :

  2:238/147.8 (FidoNet)
  66:450/1.8  (DMCnet - cool net, join!)

  ...or Dexo for a little chat about gfx & 3D object design :


Dieffel and Dexo would like to thank :

  The Black Lotus (TBL) ... for ideas and wonderful demos ...

  MIDAS (this player kicks!)
  PMODE/W DOS Extender
  X-Link ... for letting us use your amazing tools.

Located somewhere in the middel of Denmark.

Summer Encounter 1998