fLed he by Pas Maters [web]

                      the Pas & Mas meet once again!
                            Ohboy Ohboy Ohboy!
                          the Pas Maters present

                                · fLed he ·

                       an AMIGA production in 1998.


				no party release
				no chunky
				no retro
				no code
				no regret


	This whole AMIGA release is dedicated to Dejko/ex-TPM.  We wish you
a  wonderful REAL life without your AMIGA!  Try to prove it possible ;1 The
Pas  Mas  will always remember you as you were when you joined:  a shy li'l
gal  in  a see-thru night gown, eager to learn the ways of life and natures
clockwork.   All  those  moments  now  are  gone, buhuhu!  Suicide, anyone?

                            aCid, iLke, racHELL

(world) TRSI,  Oops!, Haujobb, Seasons,  Nerve Axis, Azure, Sonik, Mankind,
Phase    Truce,   RamJam;   (yugoslavia)   IQ2000,   Nevermind,   Industry,
          Corrosion(PC), Mad Virgin(PC), EastGate(PC), Juice(PC)

              (C)1998. Ganja, Beer & Amiga Productions, Inc.