Mirror Children by Numb

  n                u                m                         b
  █████ ▀▀▀███ █   █ ▀██    █▄ ██   █████ ▀▀▀█▌███ ▀▀▀██▌▀█   █████ ▀▀██▌██
  ██▀ █    ██▀▐█   ██▌▐█    ██▌▐█   █▌▀▀█    █ █▌▄    ▌▀▄██   ███▌▀   █▀▄▄█
  ███▌▀    ██▄██   ██▄██    ██▄ █   ▄▄█▌▄    █▄ ▄█    ▄█▀▐█   █▀▄▄█ ▀▀▀█████
░ █▓▓██    █▓███ ░ ██▓▓█ ░  █▓█▌▀ ░ █▓▓██  ░ ██▓▓█ ░░ █▓█ █ ░ ██▓▓█  ░ █▓▓▓█ ░
  ███▌▀    ██▌▀█   █▄▐██ ▄▄▄██▀▄█   ███▌▀    █████    ███▌█   ▄▄▀██ ▄▄▄█████

  " mirror children " demonstration  final version  01-february 1999

  we  did  fix almost all bugs except  the  matrox bug which makes the demo
  crash  after the greetingspart (only by matrox-owners as i think). we are
  lame. (schmuck on board!)

  demonstration for dialogos 1998 party held in jena/germany 13-15 nov 1998


    numb is a boyband from germany. we make the girls cry and fall in
    unconsciousness. we won't fix that.


          coctail  -  design
              hades  -  coding
                softy  -  audios
       mod mate and tmk  -  visuals

       mod  is member of the atari-st demogroup tSCc. mod is also a member
       of pod. pod is a member of mod. tmk is member of inf.

       thanks  to gerhard for his poems which are the basis for the lyrics
       of this demonstration.

       contact us via email:  soz97dcw@studserv.uni-leipzig.de

       we will post up a homepage at www.numb.de next days. have a look if
       you dare. please don't do if you do not. this is a furshliggenering
       homepage. we are borscht.

       we are very lovely people, really we are. we won't mind potrzebie.

       some  guys  say  that mod mate is  a  girl. we won't comment that.
       e605/sdi is not a girl but that's not the point.

       this is a dedication: feeblevetzer.

       one  busy day in a highway  restaurant. oh stanley! don't potrzebie
       me, please.

       yes,  we have to thank zippy and  avenger of the black maiden posse
       for  their dropsy ansi-art at the  end of this multimedia creation.
       we are with you all the days.

       checkpoint  [brackets]  for julia who told  me  that schmuck was on
       board  which really scared me a halavah silent moment. did it help?
       no,  but at least rainer who is an orphan found the above mentioned
       advert of the not mentioned highway restaurant.

      das  leben  ist  viel zu kurz, um irgendwann festzustellen, dass man
     sich  nur  eingereiht hat in etwas,  was  ueberhaupt  nicht auf einen
    zugeschnitten ist. - tomasz kuklicz

  closing                                                            -coc-