ProTracker V2.3d by Noxious & Detron & Duff

                               ProTracker V2.3d

                        Fixed for AGA by Detron in 1994

ProTracker have been fixed for AGA - Again! Yes I fixed it for the first time.
I have tried 3 (Read: Three) fixed ProTrackers and none of them worked on my
A4000/040. So I thought; What's the big deal? Fix it! And here it is. I just
resourced the original ProTracker V2.3a by `Crayon' and adjusted the copper.
ProTracker V2.3d is able to start from different screenmodes and hi-res mouse
pointers doesn't matter too. It just works! Due to the fact that ProTracker is
not one of my own creations I have made my `bragging' entrance to stay on the
screen only at startup. Afterwards it will not become visible until the next

Note #1: I discovered a little bug which is NOT one of mine ;^) I got a module
some day which contained samples of a certain length. Some of them had a RepLen
of zero and then the troubles showed up. ProTracker will freeze 4ever. But just
remember to set RepLen to two (2) and everything works!

Note #2: Don't blame me for samples going nuts when switching screens. Due to
the fact that you are switching from no-burst mode (ProTracker) to burstmode
(WB?) samples might go nuts for a moment.

Note #3: Since some of you guyz are so lucky to own either an A1200 or A4000
some troubles may show up. The DMA wait value should be increased in order to
give ProTracker enough cycles to turn off the samples. Mine is set to 9999 but
try to play around a bit.

Note #4: I discovered that you couldn't reach samples over $13 on the numeric
keyboard on an A1200. It seems that Commodore changed the A1200 keyboard a
little bit. This is fixed in this special A1200 release done by Duff of D&D.
Just use the Enter key to toggle between low and high samples.

Note #5: This version fixes a bug in the `Save Sample' routine of the previous
version of ProTracker V2.3c which made samples contain a `click' when played.

                  Good luck with your fixed ProTracker V2.3d!

                           Signed : Detron And Duff

P.S.: Thanks to Duff for the amazing and stunning graphics in ProTracker V2.3d!