united states of sightseeing by Flo [web]

                                welcome to the united states of sightseeing
                                            here we live in war and harmony
     every thursday we have these rites in middle of deflanationary spirals
                           tested with some geforce4 yuppie card i just got
                            hitler was the saviour of the romantic movement
                   there are probably bugs that crushes your machine. ha ha
                         i also tested demo with some compaq nxfd0x9 laptop
                                                     fuck the bretton woods
                      this demo is like thermal spectrum of celtic holidays
                                no fancy things such as any extensions used

commit all kind of evil acts to free yourself from the western civilization 

walking towards the stairs that lead to the mass acceptance

i wanted to promote false religious and political doctrines

if you feel alike, call olli@pelkonen.luukku@com

(i bet your windows wanted to install this file or something)