Countdown by Realtech [web]

³                                                                             ³
³                  Ý                 ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ                   ³
³                  Ý   ÛÛÛÛÞÛÛÛÞÛÛÛÞÛÞÝ    Ý   Ý   Ý Ý ÛÛÛÛ                   ³
³                  Ý   ÛÛÞÛÞÛ ßÞÛÞÛÞÛ ÛÛ ÞÛÝ ÛÜÝ Þ Ý Ý ÛÛÛÛ                   ³
³                  Ý   ÛÛÛßÞÛÛ ÞÛÛÛÞÛ ÞÛ ÞÛÝ  ÛÝ ÞÛÝ   ÛÛÛÛ                   ³
³                  Ý   ÛÛÞÛÞÛ ÜÞÛÞÛÞÛ  Û ÞÛÝ ÛßÝ Þ Ý Ý ÛÛÛÛ                   ³
³                  Ý   ÛÛÞÛÞÛÛÛÞÛÞÛÞÛÛÛÞ ÞÛÝ   Ý   Ý Ý ÛÛÛÛ                   ³
³                  Ý                    ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ                   ³
³                  ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß                   ³
³                        Copyright (C) 1995 by Realtech                       ³
³                                                                             ³
³                            This demo is not freeware.                       ³
³You can copy it freely, but you must ask us if you want to put it in a CDROM ³
³                         No money can be charged for it.                     ³
³                                                                             ³


      -  486DX (386 are no more supported, but if you really want to
	 see, ask us our special version without the 486 instructions)
      -  2Mb of RAM
      -  Boot Clean without XMS, nor EMS, nor Windows'95 for best performance
      -  Video Card Vesa 2.00 Compliant is recommanded or Univbe 5.1x or higher
      -  S3 Video Card for S3 pipelined functions (in high resolution only)


	Here is the memberlist of RealTech  ......................

	EXECOM ..................... Coder and designer .
	GUEN ....................... Graphician and Designer dude.
	TOALNKOR ................... Musician and 3D-Gfxman.
	FAIRNIGHT .................. Musician.

	Big Thanks to Kyle of Mentasm for 3D objects design .

Yoohoos fly to:

Koronis & Dheen / Arsenic, Ferem & Ghost Fellow & Krystal & Rixed & PcManiac
& Aragorn / MWB, Walken & Sigfrid / Impact Studios, Shocker / Kloon, Vý,
Jedi / Sector 1, Deneb and Remalon / Fantasy, Evil Metal / Dune,
Timo / Xography, Ra & Barti! & Moby / Nooon, Silvere / Redox, Calvin / Proxima,
Stone / Dust, Baldric / Extreme de Gervais, Darkness, Nemesis / Imphobia,
Lizardking, Mr.H, Vogue / Triton, Nevermind, The Mastermind Coders,
Abyss / Future Crew, C.C.Catch / Renaissance, all in Twilight Zone, ACiD,
iCE, UNiON, SHiVER, TRiBE, Wizard / Mental Design, Saracen / EMF,
AJT & Chomp Chomp & Kroc & LCA / Infiny, Mindfuck and Replay and Kyle / Mentasm
Nutcracker / Imortal Syndicate, Lord Cyrix / Access Denied,
Pfusuus and Ron / PSD, Xography, Capacala, Jeskola! Productions,
Hirmu, Megabusters, Epsilon, P†skgubbe (we think French speaking Finns living
in America are very cool! party on dude! =) / A-Men , lAmm4s (you're the best
Finish group! ;), AA, Bonzai, Kurt Cobain, Mr Fanatic / SMA Posse,
Erik Pojar, ReeBok and the 150 other members of Surprise! Productions,
jmagic / Complex, Sorcerers, Witan, Arjan / Ultraforce (I love Jazz!!!), Zoom,
Gutgut, Balrog / Creation, Soda and Hi Jacker, Fluor, Lightshow / Eclipse,
Imphobia, Cascada, Cryonics, ZigZag, All in Melon Design except Thorin, Nexus,
Flashback / Atrocity, Sanity, Byterapers, Beyond Force, Trionics, Triloxy,
Taurus, Halcyon, Legend Design, Logic Design, Soda / Amour, Trixter / Hornet,
Admire, Jamm, Wow, Sonic, Virtual Dreams, Accession, Movement, Silicon,
Saturne (sorry, we're  not interrested in spending the we with u ;),
Isch Crew, Purple, Byteam, Cool Prods, Brainless Coders, Massive Posse,
Lonerunner & Number six & Jason / Aegis, dr^vibe & whitesnake & ikc / X-Ess,
Yodel, Faramir / ZuuL Design, Ukko / Live!, Asylum, $volrak & Twinny / Gollum,
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Acid pixHELL, Flatline Productions, Acme, WaterLogic, Heretics, Oxygen,
Made / Scoopex, Paranoia / Distorsion, Hypnosys, New Age, Tran, Deus,
HaWC, Zwilight Tone, Craw Productions, Omicron, Hypernova, Core Design,
Fuck France Telecom, Asie Fou / Chocolate Komputers Club, Carton Design,
Polka Brothers, Ron / Paludos Brotherz (gr8 banana intro!), SB / Remal, KTS!,
Spacepigs, Flash Productions, Sourcer / The CodeBlasters, Select, Eko, Prime,
Skull, Razor 1911, Fairlight, The Humble Guys, Hardcore, The Dream Team,
The Black Rain, The European Technology, Cybernetic Dreams, Sinergy Design,
Tristar and Red Sector, Deus, The Coexistence, Dranic / X-Tacy, Soft One,
Symptom, Jare / Iguana, Japotec, Exotic Men, Neuron, Substance, Sub Acid,
Coma, Splaash, X3M, Lemon Design, Radical Rythms, Virtual Rythms, Pure, Traxx,
Unit, Sleeping Dog / The Natives, Phantom Design, Silents, Jogeir Liljedahl,
Five Musicians, Valhalla, British Knights, Straight Line Connection (u sux!)
Asphyxia, Anarchy, Scoobidoo Productions, Scoop, Panic, Com:Sex, Pizza Nut,
PWA, Scum, Nooon, DragonLords, Candyman / TB (110m!!! wow!), Noice, VLA,
Renaissance, Digital Infinity, Zax & Wream / Avalanche, The Phoney Coders,
Mass, Art, Trinity, Little Big One, Fish / Blank, Cubic Team, Inertia, Infinity
New Id, Trt 2001, The Nasty Team, Braindead, Sonic, Camorra, Adrar Design,
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PoLLuX, Patriot / S!P, Judge Miguel / Just For Fun, Remdy / Arkham,
Douglas Adams, Frank Herbert, Ford Prefect, Arthur Dent, Mostly Harmless,
Brutal PPE Coders, Malice, PHUN, Scarfman & Mythos / Real Time, Seyda / Realm,
Shock, Maxwood / Magic 12, Avalon, Pingouin Stickers, Ratt & Alma / gRiF,
Imagine, Imagination, Eykort / Magic Addicts, LG1 & LG2 / Lobotomized Guys Corp,
Machine Fun Crew, BioHazard, Kloy Psykuum / model, gooN / mozICart, Kojak,
Lego System, Phoenix, Chaos, Psychic Links, Psychozombies, Kosmic Free Music,
Olivier Daian'o Menor, Mogar Slayer of Potatoes (i wanna see your shoot'em up!)
Fondation, Gods, Dreamdealers, Bisounours & Gizmo & Dark Memory / Tiny Toons,
PuZNiK & PKuNZiP (ET4000 bugs bigtime!), Lethal / Crypton, Hoplite / Orange,
Spirit, Turbulence, Mafia, D.Leria, Smurf / Hypervibe, Zpo / Ingrine, Hybris,
Gredon / Fascination, Serenade, Inzane, Trash, Rhyme, Lucid, Junky, OB,
Nuclear Winter, Post Mortem, Reverberation, Apex, Bionic / Electronic Rats,
Outzider / Darkzone, Otto / Virtual Visions, The Carebears, The Lost Boys,
Le Fongus Jaune / independent (tout seul), Billou / Petitmou, Shaddoks,
Exel & Performer & Zebig & The Magic Artist / Speed, Paris Angel, Chicken,
Crock, International Network of Crackers, Antares, Necros / Psychik Monks,
The Flamoots AND The Dark Vision (Kukoo rulez!), Maelcum / Keen Like Frogs
SubZero & Nike95 / Aegis, all users of (the soon to be open ;) Legend and of
Dune, and all we forgot ;)

	See the Assembly'95 Party Report (in SVGA) soon ...

							St‚phane DENIS
							main coder/organizer