Falcon Contribution by Cruor


			  for the Error In Line 3

			  Release date: 13.05.2003
	(still not the final version but we want to release it now)

> System:

Falcon030, 4MB, harddisk (don't start it from floppydisk)
It looks better on RGB/TV but also works on VGA(100Hz).

> Credits:

Graphics:		Ronald Wendt (Zweckform)
68030-code:		Ralf Zenker
3D-objects:		Peter Feistner
8-Voices-Modul:		Niels Feske (505/Checkpoint)
Credits background:	Henk Nieborg (ripped from Lionheart/Thalion)
DSP-replay:		Steffen Scharfe (Bitmaster/TCE)
Demo system:		Anders Eriksson (Evil/DHS)
Credits font:		unknwon artist

> Greetings:

To all "crazy" people which are still active in the ATARI scene, the organizers
of the Eil3 and to EKO for the EKO-system (still the best demo on the Falcon in
our opinion). 

We hope you will enjoy our little contribution for the Eil3 and the ATARI
Falcon. After a absence of 5 years we are now back on this great machine.

See you in our next production...