Evolution by EXA


         _________ ____    ____ _________ TM
        /Oo      //Oo  \  /    \\Oo      \_
       /         \\     \/     //         \\
      /        ___\\          //           \\
     /           \  \        //      /\     \\
    /        _____\ /        \\      ÿÿ      \\
    \            \ /          \\    ____      \\
     \___________//     /\     \\__/  __\_____/ \
       \__________\____/  \____/ \\__/    \_____/ [nalF]
                    \____/  \____/

                                          29th of august, 1995.

   Ouch, we managed to do it, at least...

How to Run EvéLšTI¸N:

   EVOLUTION runs on standard FALCON with RGB monitors.

   This demo uses most of FALCON 030¿'s capacities... So it needs a lot of
   RAM: Don't run it after any software which could affect Memory.

   Because of music-synchronising, avoid launching it on (very) slow or
   (very) fragmented hard disks.

More about it:

   Mus‹cs:   All composed by Thomas -ZIGO- GOIRAND.
             Sounds almost sampled by him.

   Graph‹cs: All drawn by David -FLAN- DELATTRE, except RotO.MoRph.ZoOMer
             border drawn by Sylvain -STADDICT- FERRE.

             3D objects designed with CYBERSCULPT.
             Castle object also created by Flan. Based on the
             'Tr‚cesson castle' built during the Middle Ages near
             Broc‚liande Forest.

   Effects:  Intro, RotO.MoRph.ZoOMer[½¾¿], 3D Castle animation, PlasmaWaves
             were coded by Ronan -ELENDIL- CARDAUT.

             3D (Fast!) routs , Soundtrack musics playing rout, Greetings and
             Loader were coded by Patrice -NEW FACE- LINDIVAT (Mister "DSP").

   As you can see, EVOLUTION is 100 % "Ex-nihilo": We made all sounds,
   all pixels, and lines of code using Atari FALCON.
   It's been a year since we started working out a few effects. We should
   have finished it before, but we met a lot of problems: NEW FACE's routs
   were too powerful for poOr DSP: It fried 4 times in 6 months !
   Then, came the stress of exams and at last, the french Navy required
   Elendil's services (H‚ h‚ h‚, where is your long hair now ?)...
   So the demo doesn't contain all the effects he made.

   All we did is available: Graphics, musics and code routs, especially
   soundtrack-replay one...(Practically all routs use DSP).
   But you'll have to contact us first.


   Well, I stop blah-blah. Here are our adresses in France, if you want to
   talk to us about cooking, or whatever you think of...:

   To join coders: Patrice LINDIVAT (NEW FACE)
                   29 860   PLABENNEC
                   Tel:98 07 88 67
                                   ... graphists:   David DELATTRE (FLAN)
                                                    92, rue de Landrecies
                                                    59 288 PREUX au bois
                                                    Tel: 27 77 34 41
  ... or musician: Thomas GOIRAND (ZIGO)
                   29, all‚e du Doyen Alexandre Lamache
                   35 700   RENNES
                   Tel:99 36 01 31

NOTE: Contact us, especially if you live in: La R‚union, Tahiti or other
      exotic islands,... Iceland, Wales, Ireland, Scotland,... We are looking
      for a place where to spend our next holidays. And you're welcome to visit
      us in France h‚h‚...

 - Nos amis brestois et quimperois: St‚phane, Sacha, David, Philippe, etc...
  - All the people who work hard to keep Falcon a great computer.
   - Dominique (Flan's sister) who checked english in this text!
    - BILL ... Grand chasseur de poulpes des garrigues¿.
     - Our families who daily manage to support us !
      - Fried Bits III and GIGAFUN 95 organisers.
       - Martina ... Wollst Du Mit Uns Tanzen ?
        - CLOE programmers (Great job).
         - Mysfits, Megabusters, ...
          - Zappy & Elric ...
           - Laurent Hubert

From the last 10 mounth, I've been coding a GEM library for devpac. It
uses macros and it is easy to use. If you're interested in it, you can
contact me at the adress below.

You can copy EVOLUTION as long as NO PROFIT is made with it,
and only if original files are left untouched and spread together.

It is neither allowed to put the demo in any PD-collection or CD's,nor to
spread in commercial BBS or ftp-sites without asking the authors.
If you want to put the demo on your CD or PD-collection, contact us.

                                Au Revoir !


                                            Sains de corps et d'esprits (?)
                                            Anno Domini 1995.

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