re-recycle by Fairlight [web]

by fairlight sektion-boozefriendly-connection

live from sundown 2005, budleigh, england

code+design : smash
music : reed
2d gfx : mazor

additional thanks to kustaa for working on the videos originally, and to pantaloon for some tools code.

soooo. we're going to take a bit of time off from productions now. or at least 64ks, anyway (seeing as we have a demo
due NEXT WEEKEND, i can hardly claim we are taking time off from demos totally). but expect us to strike back
sometime in 2006 with something tres leet. 

btw, i heard an amusing rumour that we were using gm.dls in our softsynth. well, we aren't. hah hah.

greets to elites, fuckings to lamers. (as usual.)
special greets to everyone at sundown 2005, and especially rc55 for making it possible for us to release boozelike 64ks
in southwest england. =)